• there is an app. for your cell phone for the local tides too. So much fun. I have it on my iPhone 🙂


  • I bought a Rockport 1986 Calendar from David Cox’ store a couple years ago. Hangs in the shop perpetually turned to January where I have marked the first date I had with my lovely bride at the Rhumb Line. I also have marked our second date which was at my apartment in Boston where I threw a SuperBowl party. That Pats only last three minutes in that game but I haven’t screwed up in 25 years (our silver wedding anniversary was this past Christmas Eve.)


  • And to think, for sooooo many years, all that copper bottom paint was made in the old “Paint Factory” on Rocky Neck. Imagine approaching the EPA with an application to put a paint factory there today!!


    • Hehe Tim, I used to work at Gloucester Paints when the store was at Harbor Loop back in summer of ’72. Jim Abbot was a character, but I think we have had that discussion before! *LOL* Used to go over to the factory to pick up some stuff a couple times a week…EPA would “freak” at that place…wonder how it was ever cleaned up?


  • “Big” Jim Abbot was a character. For more on him and Gloucester Paints, Mike Sanborn, his nephew, at the Cape Ann Savings Bank Trust Department would be the one to talk with. He also is a good guy. There is a nice scholorship given each year to honor Jim Abbot’s available to a Cape Ann high school graduate.


    • I am Jim’s nephew as well – at least by marriage. Jim was married to my aunt, Emily (Johnson) Abbott, who ran the family insurance company (John A Johnson, Inc.) Jim’s sister, Ann, was Mike Sanborn’s mother. Emily and Jim lived in the house that J A Johnson built at 211 Washington Street (corner of Madison Ave., it’s now the Assembly of God church.) We lived on Beauport Ave., so it was just a two minute walk over there. I was there almost as much as I was home. Jim was a very interesting guy, so we’d talk for hours and hours. The one debt of gratitude I owe him above all else is, he taught me how to play the piano, which I then expanded to include the organ, and I’ve been a professional organist for the last 40+ years.


  • We use to buy Blue Seal paint at the building behind the Main Deck Bar And the Gas station and Browns supplies Builing at head of the harbor. Their Federal Orange used for Foredeck, Mast and Dory was as thick as cream oil paint that worked great on wooden boats and all the paints were thicker and priced better than Gloucester Paints. Railways had a special deal with them so we paint our boat after a haul and haircut. Penny saved was a penny earned.


  • Sorry got lost in the past, We at Fisherman’s Wharf had tide charts printed for 50 years till sold to new owners. Tide Charts were an imporant tool for getting into different harbors and the river ,so you knew weather you would buck a tide or follow in narrow channels.


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