Quote of the Week from Greg Bover

poems on Tanzaku paper

poems on Tanzaku paper

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”
Matsuo Basho 1644-1694
Long hailed as the master of haiku, Basho did not invent the form as some have claimed, but brought it to new heights. He was deified by later generations who, for their own purposes, made it a crime to criticize his work. His writings include extensive travelogues from his wanderings around Japan.
Warm regards from cold Kanagawa Prefecture,
Guregu Boba-san


  • Brilliant quote, Greg. And I love that you used one of the longest palindromes in the English language (7 letters) in your short bio of Matsuo Basho.


    • Took me too long to find it. I would like to say I have enjoyed my teeth being detartrated but that would be doubly false since I had to google it besides wincing at the definition.

      And nice quote Guregu Boba-san. My sister goes to places and can be found hiding behind a stinky dumpster at a campsite in Panama because she enjoys birding more than visiting churches. She may be familiar with Matsuo Basho’s quote. We all seek different things. Life might be tedious otherwise.


  • I re-learned something. Thanks to you both!


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