In This Day And Age…

I just don’t understand how freaking hard it is to install the equipment necessary to have wifi on all aircraft.

Wifi makes a flight go by what seems 3-4 times faster.

You know how airlines charge extra for checked luggage? In our case $25 more per bag on US Airways for a total of $50 for our one way flight. They should refund you for the total technological failure of not having wifi on all flights in the year 2013. The FAA should shut these goddamn airlines down that don’t have wifi. Fine the shit out of them. Ground these planes til they get their act together.

How is a media giant supposed to keep his finger on the bleeding edge of what is going on for his legions of loyal followers?

Listen, take a couple grease monkeys off safety check duty and get them up inside the cabin installing the necessary equipment to provide wifi. Cancel drink service for a couple weeks, use a lower grade toilet paper in the toilettes. Charge me up for the wifi, I don’t care. I’ll feel a whole lot better about paying for wifi rather than a checked bag, that’s fer shizzy.

Somebody get me a direct line to the CEO of US Air STAT, maybe I can explain to him or her just how important it is.

Bruce Tarr, Ann Margaret, forget about such pithy things like people losing their homes on Plum Island to major storms, let’s focus on much more critical agendas like making sure your boy Joey C has wifi on all his flights.

Thank you for your attention to this serious matter.

Next politician that tackles this matter automatically gets my endorsement. Fiscal cliff, fiscal schmiff, let’s solve the important matters first. Calls for an emergency meeting of the executive branch, no?

Give me wifi on all aircraft or give me death. Enough dickin’ around.


  • Oh…so I guess that means you didn’t get my very inportant email today?


  • Bet the media “giant” booked the cheapest fare!!! USAir is really a bottom feeder in the industry!
    Remember you’re own advise – you get what you pay for!


    • Uhm, no it was booked based on getting here the quickest and without stops.

      I wonder how many folks take everything literally that I write. Like There’s probably some percentage of people thinking I’m serioys when I write that our politicians should ignore Plum Island and concentrate on getting wifi mandatory on all aircraft. Or think that I really consider mtself a media mogul because I created a popular hyperlocal blog.


  • The problem is the bandwidth Joey. It’s hard enough to keep a wireless connection on the ground while travelling 60mph in a car, but to maintain a reliable internet connection to an airliner cruising at 30,000+ feet at 650MPH is almost impossible without satellite technology. Once a signal does reach the plane, it then gets divided by how ever many wireless devices want to use that signal. Additionally, human bodies tend to absorb radio signals, and the in-plane WIFI is disrupted even more by the sheer number of bodies on the plane.

    So if a broadband connection is established to a plane via satellite at say 1.5 Megabytes per second and 100 people want to use it, you’ll find yourself back in the days of dial up service and modems (or worse yet fax transmission speeds) while trying to use it, and you’ll eventually turn off your device out of frustration. They’ll figure it out eventually, but right now the planes that do offer WIFI have slow spotty connections at best due to the limits of the current technology.


  • Joey, you’re supposed to be on vacation. Relax and read a book. We and GMG can survive for the few hours you’re in the air.


  • Agree 110%…that’s why I fly JetBlue, there is 36 channels of TV at every seat and the first bag flies free. The TV makes the time fly, even if it is reruns of “NCIS” or “Two and a Half Men”. Love you rants Joey, enjoy your vacation! Flew US Air in April, will NEVER fly that airline again…If you find a line to the CEO of US Air, give ’em hell!


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