Newell Stadium Progress Report From Dick Wilson

Ron Gilson writes-

Hi Joey:  I talked to my friend Dick Wilson the other day,  requesting a progress report on the Newell Stadium construction. (see download of pictures  below). Things are progressing according to schedule and the entire facility should be ready sometime next summer.  This is a big deal for Gloucester, and for the first time in my life our h.s. athletic facility is getting a first class "the best" up grading possible.  Gloucester will have the premier athletic facility on the North Shore.  The committee is also planning an appropriate dedication ceremony, maybe in the early fall of 2013.  It should be fun.     

Ron Gilson

Dick Wilson suggested I provide you an update on the Renewal of Newell – also known as New Balance Track & Field at Newell Stadium.  Dick’s passionate about this facility as a symbol that Gloucester supports our children and schools.

Here’s some of the latest photos.

The construction has been on schedule. Demolition has been done, the site regraded, a new storm drain line installed and foundations for the new athletic field lights have been set. If we can get a stretch of dry weather in the 40’s we may even be able to lay the foundation for the bleachers before January. Things will really shape-up in ~mid-March when the new bleachers will be erected and the preparation for the new turf begins.

The City has committed $298,000 in Community Preservation funds towards the project. As Dick may have mentioned, the GFAA continues its push to raise the last ~$100,000 in funds to revamp the scoreboard and other amenities to create a top-notch facility. There’s still opportunities for folks to donate either immediately or through a three-year pledge. People can contact

Stephen Winslow

Gloucester Community Development Department

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