Some Notables Who Have Not Chimed In On The 2012 Rocky Neck Pledge To Plunge List…

The 2013 Rocky Neck Plunge will be held  Jan. 1st at 11 am

Here are some GMG FOBs who have yet to pledge to plunge-

The Van Ness Clan,  Mayor Kirk and Bill, Marty Luster, EJ,  Patrick Ryan, Father Green, , Greg Bover, Gloucester Newcomers Rich Bean, Brooke and Tristan Welty, Len Burgess, Ron Gilson, Janet Rice,Rob Hall and Beth Swan (they’re married), Elinor Teele, Anthony Marks, Joan Kimberley, Toby Pett, Doug and Gloria Parsons, Bex, Alice Gardner, Maggie Rosa, Solange Baumann,  Shewsberry, Joey Ciolino, Denny Cunningham, Marty Morgan, Misti and Larry from Glosta Joes, Katherine Richmond, Bob Ryan, Paulie Walnuts, Judy Wilburn, Al Bezanson, Thom Falzarano, David Cox, Tom Philbrook, Brenda Davis, Kathy Chapman Scrobie, Meg Lee,  Andrea Holbrook, James and Anna Eves, Kevin From New Jersey, Bill O’Connor and B, Litter Lady, Patty Goulart, Carol McKenna, Terry Del Percio, Sinikka Nogelo, Laureen Maher, Martin Del Vecchio, The Destinos Kimberley Funk and Bradley Sheetz, Sheree DeLorenzo, Gail Guitarr, Heidi Wakman, CammyGramm, Bruce McDonald, The Grows,   ect ect ect.

If you’re a FOB we want you there and don’t forget to bring some grub for Open Door.

From Cathy McCarthy-

Hey Joey,

The Annual Rocky Neck Plunge will be held on Jan. 1st….2013 at 11 am..

Once again, we will be hosting a food drive for The Open Door.. ‘

Items most needed::

Tuna, 100% juice, Soups, Peanut Butter, Pasta Sauce, Breakfast Cereal , Baking Items.

They requested no glass bottles. We collected over 600 lbs last year and would love to be able to hit that mark,plus more..

We will do our traditional poem by George Sibley at 11 am. and then the plunge…

Much Thanks Joey,

Cathy McCarthy

Rocky Neck Plunge Countdown- 6 DAYS!!!!!! Comment and Get On the Pledge To Plunge List!

Here’s the IN List-

Pledge list- Joey C, Paul Morrison and Rubber MF Duck, Donna Ardizzoni, Rick and Ericka Hyam, Karen Ristuben, Ed Collard, Heather Smidt and Nick Zagami, The Anderson clan is IN, colleen apostolos-marsh, Melissa and Bill Cox, Gabe, BJ, Will, Amandacakes, Alicia Pensarosa, Steve Noble, Stephanie and some other idiots, Lindle Willnow, Zamira, Barry Cuda Pollock


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