North Shore Lesbian New Movie Night


North Shore Lesbian Is Rockin A New Movie Night.

Click here for more details

Get your lesbo on with some popcorn and huge fountain drinks!

For the record I totally support lesbianism.  Especially hot lipstick lesbian lesbianism.  Makes way more sense than a dick in the ass doesn’t it?  (not that there’s anything wrong with that if you’re into getting a dick in your ass)  Like us guys are totally gross, I can way more relate to a woman wanting to go down on another woman than a sweaty dude but again, if going down on sweaty dudes is your thing than I fully support your love of going down on sweaty dudes.

The lipstick lesbian thing sounds way more appealing though, no?

Love is love baby!  Equal rights on the marriage thing too- total no-brainer.  How the gays don’t already have equal rights to marry universally by now is just flat out baffling to me. 

Either way, do gay men have a similar organization as North Shore Lesbian?  If so, tell them to send me press releases and I’d be happy to publicize their events as well.

Gay pride baby!  Somebody needs to make me a GMG Logo featuring a rainbow color theme so I can post it on the future gay posts. STAT!  Beth Swan can you work your graphic design magic on the logo with some rainbow action?


  • OMG Joe, you just KILL me! This post…omg. I never EVER know what I’ll see here.
    I do think the rainbow logo is another great idea. Put those out there and mark my words they’ll be the most popular in the series.


  • the post was fine- could live without the TMI commentary. Pretty inappropriate for a site that covers city and childrens events


  • ew..but wtf, I can always stop reading if I want, So – rock on, Joey.


  • one of your more interesting posts !


  • SICK! Cc


  • I moved to Gl. about 4yrs ago and was enjoying your what I thought was a family friendly site. This was so offensive and a shock to me. I think I have a pretty good sense of humor but this isn’t funny. So as much as I WAS enjoying all the local pic’s and going on’s in Gl. I am not going to this site anymore. Too bad you really I thought had a wonderful thing going. The subject didn’t bother me it was your opinion and TMI.


    • O.k.. just curious what part you found offensive?


      • LOL well the detailed info.I’m not a prude I just didn’t expect to read what I did. I think if your site didn’t look so family friendly I wouldn’t have been so surprised. Your site is so professional and I get the homey feel of what’s going on in GL, Every morning I click on GMG before the daily paper. That’s how much I like your site. I grew up in VT so I am liberal I think I just was shocked because it’s not what I expected.


  • this commentary is totally inappropriate and should be taken off of this site before you loose all creditability with your readers of Gloucester! Totally discusting!


  • I like lesbians too. I think Ellen Degeneres is great.
    Watch her commencement address to Tulane University where she got an honorary degree.


  • At the very least, it was vulgar. At the worst – you have no clue you’ve offended Lesbians, your readership – all who are sincerely interested in free, articulate dialogue regarding sexual tolerance. To be specific, which Anonymous is too refined to write – “dick in the ass” not once but twice; “going down” – is this a playbook? What part did he find offensive? How ’bout all of it? Do you want your kids to read this? How ’bout ours? Do you want your reader ship to wake up to good reporting or crassness and discrimination? You don’t get it. No one is making it taboo but you. Come out of the cave. Respect, bro’.


    • Really?

      See you are trying to tell others that the words dick in the ass are terrible but I bet to lots of gay men they find that beautiful.

      It’s not my cup of tea but who are you to say what’s vulgar and what isn’t for gay folk.

      I’m just trying to be honest. The thought of a dude porking another dude in the butt to me is gross. But that’s not to say that I don’t fully support dudes that don’t find it gross to go and pork other dudes in the butt that want to get porked in the butt.

      How else do you wanna put it? I’m not gonna lie and tell you that it somehow seems appealing to me. Now a beautiful coochie on the other hand. I can totally relate to the lipstick lesbians of the world. Nothing more beautiful than a pretty coochie.

      You want honest reporting, you got it brother. That’s respect. Not going around telling people they’re vulgar.

      I just love how the PC police wants to dictate for others what is vulgar. You really think that anal sex isn’t part of gay men’s sex lives? Then to label it vulgar? I’d say that’s more insulting to them than me supporting them in their quest to have whatever kind of sex they want to have without labeling it vulgar.

      You sir are the patronizing one by not recognizing gay lifestyles as something that is legit.

      I find it more disgusting that you try to stifle the dialogue and try to shoehorn it into something “you” deem appropriate.

      How do you sleep at night passing judgement on everyone?

      For shame!


  • Hey joey, I sometimes run into your wife…i’m gonna ask her what she thinks about you posting stuff like this on your site. Maybe your mom will give me her thoughts on the subject when i see her. It would be just as wrong if you described in detail heterosexual sex acts. You should really think twice before you post stuff like this. You have a good thing going. Do you think local TV will have you on again if they know you write smut like this? I’m sure this comment will not be seen because you know your wrong on this one. Don’t let the size of your site go to your head.


    • It would be just as wrong if you described in detail heterosexual sex acts

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!! Described in detail sexual acts? “Porked in the butt” Is describing in detail a sexual act?????

      Oh my lord that may be the funniest thing I’ll read all day.

      As for the mentioning it to my wife or mom, as if that were a threat, have at it, while not speaking for them my guess is that they’ll tell you the same thing we talk about all the time- that the Politically Correct movement in the US is the devil.

      Do you think local TV will have you on again if they know you write smut like this?

      Where do I begin with this comment? Smut???? Google up two girls one cup if you want to see smut. Writing porked in the butt or dick in the ass is now considered smut? My lord what sheltered lives we lead if reading porked in the butt sends you into a tailspin that you feel like you need to anonymously write in threats to a silly blogger. LOLOLOLOL

      But I think my favorite part is how you send in the comment anonymously and write what you think is a threat to me and then write that I won’t post it. Most nasty anonymous comments don’t get approved but when there are such cowardly ones like the one you wrote I figure I’ll let it slip through the cracks.

      For the record- I vehemently am disgusted by anyone who tries to label love between two consenting adults no matter what color, race or sexuality as vulgar.
      This is 2012, almost 2013, get over yourself and get with the times.

      Screw the PC police and what it’s doing to America.

      I stand firmly behind my gay peeps (and not in a hard-on kind of firmly way) Just a supportive of their sexuality and rights to get married and have sex the way they want to have sex way.

      Gay Pride Baby!

      Where’s my goddamn Rainbow Homey Stickas!!!!!!!!


      • It’s simply disrespectful to gays, and your description ,which i won’t reiterate, of what gay men do, is not only wrong, but vulgar! it has no place on this family blog.Your not on the wharf talking with the guys here, this is open to anyone. It’s totally lowbrow thrashtalk. Shame, shame Joey.


        • It’s only vulgar to you because you say it’s vulgar. To gay men who are in love I bet they think it’s beautiful. The shame is on you and your homophobic views stating that anal sex for gay men is vulgar.

          Gay dudes have butt sex, get over it. Just because you can’t handle it doesn’t make it vulgar.

          and of course your real name is Swami.


        • It’s a loosing battle, Swami. He won’t get it, he twists and misses the point completely emphasizing something you’re not saying. No one minds a description of sex between adults, surely beautiful – but here and in that manner? We’re not saying gay sex vulgar! It’s the offensive terms of disrespect that are. I wonder if he cannot express it in any other way.


        • Oh I get it. You want me to talk the way you want me to talk, you consider yourself the supreme moral authority. You want to dictate your morality and how others should expess themselves.

          Here’s an idea- start your own blog and post pictures of rainbows and unicorns and angels. Be sure not to cuss. Only link to things you as supreme monitor of the interwebs approve of.

          Have at it.


        • If he left that comment on the GD times, he would have been deleted immediately.


  • You still don’t get it joey. As everybody has been trying to tell you, it’s not about gay or straight. It’s about how you put offencive content on your site. I know this hasn’t been the first time, but this is at a much higher level then I have seen before, by far. Don’t ya think? If you wouldn’t want your kids to read stuff like “D in A”, why would you think any other parent would? You have every right to post what you want on your site, but when you put up info for kids like the Sidewalk Bazaar, Boys and Girls Club of Boston and other events for youths, dont you think they might see the smut also? Swami said it the best – “Your not on the wharf talking with the guys” It makes me kinda sad to see your innocent girls with you on this site and think that there dad just doesn’t understand right from wrong. And I really don’t think this falls under your “I don’t post nasty anonymous comment rule”. I don’t think I’m being nasty at all. I’m just trying to make you understand and save your soul, that’s all. Good luck joey.


    • Blah blah blah blah blah Whatevs.


      • Swami Svennjhami

        A professional would thank the readers for their comments and take their point of view into consideration, Not act like a kid.Joey.


        • Thank you for your wonderful comment Swami (your real name I’m sure). I will file it with the proper professional bloggers association and give it the utmost attention.

          After deep thought and consideration of your comments I think they still suck ass.
          Have a fantastic day.




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