Bump! Vote For GMG Captain Joe’s Lobsterman of The Year- Poll Open Til Midnight December 31st

The Poll Has Been Reset Do To My Stupid Oversight Of Leaving Toby Off

Let ‘Er Rip!

Based Off Of Most Face Time On The Blog

Which Lobsterman Here At The Dock Entertained You The Most In 2012?

Vote At The Bottom

Click on the names for posts about each lobsterman

Mark Ring

Tom Ring




Dave Jewell

Pete Mondello


  • This is the most effed up poll.

    1) You have Toby pictured but you don’t list him in the poll. The guy does the best save the Homie pulling treble hooks out of a seagull that he does the seagull whisperer thing. Chicks will all vote for that one.

    2) Where is Tommy Burns the cartoon? I would have a hard time deciding between Toby the seagull whisperer and Tommy Burns as the cartoon telling the puking dude how to tie a knot.

    Maybe multiple choice here? Those two, I laughed, I cried (not in that order). But the others have their moments. Sean diving off the roof does not count since that was not 2012 or he would likely win.


  • hello? no little vote button for toby burnham? why not have a poll about ‘who do you pray to for help when things really suck?’ jane lubchenko, jessica simpson, god. oops forgot the little button for the g guy. never mind, we’ll tabulate and tell you who wins… c’mon joey, you got some hanging chads, pal…


  • With all due respect Joe, you left Toby out of the poll. His saving that “homie” beats out Sean’s abs any day. But then again………


  • What about John DelTorchio?


  • Captain Dave Jewel should win it on good looks an smarts alone!


  • Those are some great pictures and videos!!!


  • Since they’re all entertaining and good folks I assume, forget the poll and just designate this group as “Lobstermen of the Year” from Capt. Joe’s!


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