Tony Gross’ 2012 Swedish Coffee Bread and Past Years Incarnations




Tony Gross Comes Through With The Annual Swedish Coffee Bread!

Posted on December 24, 2011 by Joey C


Tony Gross Comes Through Again With His Famous Swedish Coffee Bread

Posted on December 24, 2010 by Joey C

Every year Tony makes Frank and I a loaf of his much sought after Swedish coffee bread. I’m afraid to open it because once you eat the first bite i can’t stop til that whole sucker is gone. (I’m not sure if he puts heroin in it, the stuff is so damn addicting).

Tony Gross 2009 Swedish Coffee Bread

Tony Gross’ Swedish Coffee Bread

Posted on December 21, 2009 by Joey C

Every Christmastime Tony Gross, the skipper of the lobsterboat F/V Sandollar makes a ridiculous number of Swedish Coffee Bread loaves and gives them out to friends.  I made the mistake and called it Nisu but because the recipe comes from an elder in Tony’s family he insists it be called Swedish Coffee Bread.

It’s delicious and best eaten within a day of cooking.  I sure am glad I’m on the list of those who get one every year!


  • If there is any left over? Thick slice and toast, but in a toaster oven. The sugar can ignite! I made this for years and doled it out to special friends and family members for Christmas. We all went the toaster oven route for the day-after breakfast. Goes to a whole new level! Lucky you.


  • Growing up in a Danish-backed home, this was a staple at Christmastime. I used to make this every year for my family and then for years I cheated…bought it at the Christmas fairs and then at the IGA in Rockport. (I don’t know who baked it for them but it was a pretty good approximation of home made.) This year when I was ordering dinner rolls from Virgilios I asked if they made Nisu and to my delight they said “yes!” So I ordered it and it was ooo-kay but not great. Kind of missed the mark in my opinion. Not enough Cardamom…too fine a texture… not “hearty” enough. Being in retail, I just haven’t found the time to make it anymore. My son, who now lives in San Diego, was craving it and so made it from my recipe, which by the way, came back with me from Sweden but we always called it Nisu which is Finnish. He said he and his wife will bake it now every year. The violins played in my head and I thought I must have done something right!

    P.S. Toasting is the way to go!


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