Christmas Day Brussels Sprout

First word plural, second, not. I looked it up. Plenty left over for New Year’s Day post Rocky Neck, Oak Grove Beach plunge. Fingers are numb from snapping these off. Too cold for even the Rubber Duck to come out to harvest. (Her joints stiffen up.) Sirloin Roast, mashed potatoes, brussels sprout. New Christmas tradition at RD’s house.bsprouts


  • Brussels sprout would refer to 1 of those miniature cabbage lookalikes.
    Since you have pictured more than 1, it would be brussels sprouts.
    Since it was named after the city of Brussels, the first word would always end in an s.
    I also looked it up.


  • That makes sense. I stuck some toothpicks in a brussels sprout and made a rotund Christmas elve out of her. We then ate a mess of brussels sprouts. I ate the elfen brussels sprout last.


  • Beautiful sprouts! I have a 12 plants in the garden taken over by white cabbage fly – SO disappointed! Never had these flys before, so didn’t take any extra measures to avoid them! My boyfriend is from Holland and prepares them steamed with butter and fresh-ground Nutmeg – Yum!


  • Not a fan of brussels sprout(s), but I like the picture –


  • They are my husband’s favorite vegetable, but I have never seen how they grow! Usually buy them frozen. Thanks for the post.


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