A Guitar Players’ Christmas Poem For GMG From Jon Butcher

Hi Joey,

I humbly offer for your review this Christmas wish for my dear friends in Gloucester. Disclaimer; as you’ll discover the legacy of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is still intact and need fear nothing from me as a poet- and I won’t be quitting my day job either !

Anyway Merry Christmas to you, your family and to everyone at GoodMorning Gloucester !

Sincerely, Jon Butcher

Butcher Block Music Publishing/ BMI


A Guitar Players’ Christmas Poem

by Jon Butcher

Time is short
so I’ll say it simply-
Remember when we were young
all fresh-faced and pimply ?
Days were forever
possibilities limitless
We believed in stuff
even Old St Nicholas
Now we have houses
and kids of our own
mortgages and utilities
at least one iPhone
But the special times
the memories we hold
Keep us young at heart
the best remedy for feeling old
So I offer this wish
at the same time each year
Hold on to your dreams 
and be of good cheer
If Wishes were Fishes
they’d swim in the Deep
Merry Christmas to All-
now let’s all get some sleep.

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