Hood Heavy Cream at Stop and Shop

 Stop and Shop Heavy Cream©Kim Smith

Yesterday while picking up cream for our holiday pies I was reminded of Joey’s post from several weeks ago, “Can this tiny thing of heavy cream really cost $3.69???,” where he pointed out the ridiculous cost of the 16 ounce Hood heavy cream from Shaws, priced at $3.69.  GMG reader Jenna commented that the Market Basket price was $2.99. Yesterday, the 16 ounce container of heavy cream at Stop and Shop was $2.39. I am glad to see these more competitive prices from both Stop and Shop and Market Basket. For the grocery items I purchase for my family, Stop and Shop’s prices are consistently the least expensive of the three chains.


  • Just fyi the the market basket one i mentioned was $2.99 for the larger quart size..


  • Yes the $2.99 was for the quart size at Market Basket, double the pint size you got. So the lesson is to get royally screwed you go to shaws, moderately screwed stop and shop and for the best value market basket which the band of usual obstructionists bent over backwards to try to block from coming here.


  • My data sheets, which I sent you, from SS and MB where SS beat MB (by less than 1.00), shows that Stop and Shops prices for the items I purchase for my family are more than competitive. I would be happy to resend the information.

    Honestly I am not interested in defending or trashing any stores. All our grocery markets employ local people including the elderly, teens, and the mentally challenged; people who oftentimes and otherwise have difficulty finding employment. Some have been employed at these markets for many years. Hopefully, the net gain for all the people of Gloucester is lower prices all around.


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