Rubber Duck is Done

Christmas Shopping.  Done in 60 minutes. Bananas, Fred Bodin Photo, The Cave, then a speed run in Rockport to finish it off at Tuscan Designs and stocking stuffers at Tucks Candies.

If you screwed up, don’t have that killer gift then go to Rockport and hit the last store on the right before you turn to Front Beach. Grab anything. They go with everything and you can put pasta on them, olive oil in them, then hang them on the wall when you’re done because it’s art. Rubber Duck doesn’t even clash and the blue really shows off her eyes.

IMG_0332 IMG_0334 IMG_0336

Started today at 1PM and got to the dock to pick up lobsters by 2PM. Martini time.

About Paul Morrison & RD

Good Morning Gloucester reporter possessing the dangerous combination of a Press Pass and a Rubber Duck.
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3 Responses to Rubber Duck is Done

  1. Thanks Paul. Lobsters and Martinis. I love it. That’s my next sign (along with Martinis and Bikinis) and t-shirt. Rock on!

  2. Thanks, Paul. Great meeting you today. Glad that you loved my shop. Enjoy!

  3. Before I moved to this island, I have to admit, I hated Christmas shopping. Now it’s a breeze. From the West end of Gloucester to Bearskin Neck of Rockport and everywhere in between, it’s easy.

    Repeat after me. Malls suck, buy on the island.

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