Rubber Duck Poll Analysis

The votes are in Rubber Duck is not voted off the island!!

Rubber Duck was worried but the breakdown of voting shows that she has a lot of support out there and although she might have some over exposure problems for some,  she is tolerated, if not loved, by 64%.

The breakdown:

326 votes questioning Paul’s paddling ability! Wow, he is now downloading Youtube videos in an attempt at paddling on both sides of the kayak equally.

32 votes for more stories about RD and Homie love life. Rubber Duck pledges to write more about Homie if Homie would stop hanging out at the pier picking at dead clams with his pals.

28 votes wondering if RD is the GMG mascot. Homie really needs to kick it up a notch to keep his rightful place on the GMG sticker.

23 votes for 24/7 cable channel for Rubber Duck while 13 voted that there has been too much Rubber Duck. This also correlates to the 13 votes who would like to see 2013 without a Rubber Duck sighting. I think the cable channel wins and this is where the 64% positive rating comes from.

17 votes wonder about Joey’s fear of Rubber Ducks and 16 want to send more Rubber Ducks to the dock to cure Joey of his fear. Not a huge number unless 16 people actually send Joey Rubber Ducks to the following address:

℅ Joey’s Rubber Ducks

Captain Joe & Sons

95 East Main Street

Gloucester, MA 01930-3860

Joey photographing Rubber Duck butt.

Joey photographing Rubber Duck butt.

One last comment: There were more than  1,800 views of the Rubber Duck Poll.

Not sure what to make of that. It might mean that most of us do not have both oars in the water. And that’s OK. (RD says so.)


  • The temptation to inundate him with Rubber Ducks is overwhelming. Maybe he’s just jealous of their seafaring capabilities ie the 29000 Rubber Ducks lost at sea in 1992 🙂


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