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  1. Sarah says:

    hahahah I’m compltely cracking UP LOL

  2. Cynthia Hill says:

    Not me, but it sure as hell is funny!!!

  3. Alicia Cox says:

    thats awesome!!! what are you gonna do with them all??

  4. Paolo Noci says:

    It was bound to happen…now you can put it behind you, just like you did with the “male pattern baldness” treatment that someone left you las spring…you could probably make a lot of kids very happy if you donated them…

  5. Thanks for the post, that is just too funny

  6. glosta joes says:

    This made me spit out my coffee! I wanna meet the master mind behind this quackery! Just Ducky!

  7. cammygrammy says:

    Ho Ho Ho must be Santa!!

  8. Craig Kimberley says:

    Hmmmm. Nope, no idea. Tough one. Call Columbo.

  9. Wow, I compiled all the statistics from the Rubber Duck poll and one of the interesting facts is that there were over 15 requests for your address down at the dock. You might be in for more. Meanwhile, they look a little sad inside the plastic bags. Free the ducks, put them on your desk where they belong and can stare at you.

    At 2:31PM tody there will be a Rubber Duck post analyzing the rest of the Rubber Duck poll data. Bottom line is, A majority like the Rubber Duck and she is not voted off the island!!

  10. Alicia Cox says:

    and i already texted the person i thought it was and its not :)

  11. One of them looks like he’s giving you the finger. I like the one with the purple tiara – very classy rubber duck.

  12. Melissa Cox says:

    Why am I getting emails and text messages asking if it was me?? My own husband asked if it was me!!

  13. Chris DeWolfe says:

    Rubber Ducky Hunt? Station them all through town, and let the community find them.

  14. Jenn Cullen says:

    That is awesome and hysterical!! I agree that donating to kids would be great, but I also love the Rubber Ducky Hunt idea, too!!

  15. I think this calls for an All-Duck Christmas Tree.

  16. Christine Witham says:

    Wow, I wish it had been me because it was certainly a fabulous idea. We usually fear the unknown/unfamiliar so now’s the time to become better acquainted – looks as though you have enough there to last you for a year’s worth of baths and remember what they say about a bird in the hand…

  17. joe says:

    it must be from the north pole. You should start the ist annual duck race in the spring number the ducks ,. have people buy them and give money to charity. Maybe start the race at the warm pots at ghb.

  18. Vicki says:

    Yea, a duck race would be fun! Down the Annisquam River!

  19. Alicia Cox says:

    come on what gives! who was it!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ha ha ha ha

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