GMG Tech Talk- IRL (In Real Life) The Gear I Use

OK, so about a month ago I bought a new laptop.  The hardware on this bad boy is sexy and well built and awesomely spec’d out. This is the Laptop-

Samsung Chronos 7

I Love it hardware wise.


I bought it with Windows 8 on it.  I’ve documented my love of Windows 7 and the windows live essentials suite of Windows Live Writer and Windows Live Movie Maker which are just flat out powerhouse efficient blogging tools for me.

Windows 8 it has become apparent to me is a dumbing down of an operating system to make the windows desktop, windows phone and windows tablet all perform seamlessly together.  To get this to happen though I feel like they stripped down a lot of the power features to the lowest common denominator  so they would all be compatible.  This may be better for a tablet user but not IMO for a power content creator like me.

I’ve tried Windows 8 for a month now but I’m ready to wipe this computer and do a fresh install with Windows 7.

Windows 8 even with the installed aftermarket start button which Microsoft stripped out is a huge disappointment for me.

So she’s gonna get a refresh (if you can call going backwards a generation on an operating system a refresh) to Windows 7.

It’s been about 2-3 weeks with the new Cell phone and this Samsung Galaxy S3 I can unequivocally recommend.  I’d recommend this to anyone iPhone fan boy, or android user.  Every little niggle that my first generation HTC EVO 4G android phone had has been worked out in the Samsung galaxy S3.  Sprint has great coverage around here. 

Right now if you’re gonna get a cell phone I wouldn’t hesitate you pick up one of these.

Vickie Van Ness got one and Donna Ardizzoni too.  How you liking it guys?

Really like mine.


  • Rick and I got one and loving it…The icons I can see they are big


  • Questions on Win 7 and Win8. If you buy a desktop or laptop today do you have a choice or are they all shipping with Win8? Post how long it takes you to degrade from Win8 to Win7 and on a PITA scale how did it rate?

    I’m hoping that we can still buy boxes with Win7 on them. On the windows side I hate to upgrade. Just moving to Win7 and want to stay there for a couple of years.


  • We love it. Faster. better interface. bigger screen (from Peter for those of us needing glasses). Speech recognition is nearly perfect. camera and video as good as the Iphone. But most importantly phone calls sound better.


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