Our Hearts are Broken Today

As are many today doing same, my thoughts and prayers turn to the children and teachers that were gunned down in Connecticut, and their broken hearted families.

The children belong to all of us, and as our President said, “Our hearts are broken today.”

Fujifilm X-E1 Multiple Exposure-5 ©KIm Smith 2012Reaching for a Helping Hand

Today I had planned to announce the winner of the book give-away and to post a beautiful essay about Niles Pond written by Gloucester resident and celebrated author JoeAnn Hart; will save all for tomorrow.


  • As a retired principal, a mother, and a grandmother, I am so troubled by this horrific act. My professional hat first praised those teachers who protected their students in their classrooms as I thought what my response would have been. Now that I’m aware that the principal was one of the victims I have more concern for the school community as it tries to heal. In times of stress, the principal provides a familiar focus. In addition to all the others involved, please pray for the person who is called upon to fill that void and try to move the school back to as normal as possible.


  • So well said cammygrammy. Focus on the heros–and I am sure there will be so many.


  • Thank you Kim, I have been crying off an on since yesterday, as I was in Maine today visiting my grandchildren cannot not imagine the pain of such an awful crime. All I can do is cry and say a prayer.


  • That must have been the best medicine Donna, holding those babies close. Just unimaginable.

    I hope this is the catalyst or tipping point for a meaningful dialogue about gun control. The carnage is only going to increase for the children that are your gandchildren’s age if nothing is done.


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