Don’t Be A Dope! Gloucester Men Need To Recognize Men’s Night and All The Free Grub Going On Down On Main Street Thursday Night- Here’s How You Play It-

Listen I know y’all if you’re like me are notorious late shoppers but here’s the thing-  This Thursday night there are a buttload of Downtown Gloucester Merchants offering up cheese platters and Cavemen Chili (I’m talkin about you The Cave) and huge discounts on the stuff you’re gonna wanna buy for your family and friends anyway.

So don’t be a dope and wait til after Thursday to buy it, make a night of it with the boys.  Call your buddies, get that shopping done Thursday night so it’s not hanging over your head til the night of the 24th, take advantage o the savings, and eat some grub at the many many participating stores, and then hit the local watering holes afterward.



The Old Lady can’t get mad at you when you walk in the door with armfuls of bags with presents in them.  I t’s like a get out of jail free card, the proverbial hall pass to get out of the house.  Bang out the shopping in a half hour and then go to Stones, or Alchemy or Passports, or Lat 43, or Seaport Grille or Dogbar or The Rhumbline or Minglewood or Topside Grille or Cape Ann Brewing or The Franklin or any of our other fine drinking establishments.  Just remember to call a cab if you have to.

I’ll be at EJ and My Two Buddies Show at Alchemy from 5:30-7:30 where they will have a nice spread for us of wine and cheeses and you can pick up one of my Giclee’s made by Cape Ann Giclee or EJ’s awesome works of art or a This is Gloucester DVD.

Right after that I plan to hit up all of Main Street especially The Cave,  hello cold beer caveman chili rat cheese and pate, Life is Good Shrimp dip, Common Crow Our chef’s best dips, local and artisanal cheeses and organic crudite, Palazola’s  crackers and cheese with wine, Seaport Grille free Chowder, (are you kidding me)???????-

Good Morning Joey,

The Cave will be serving Caveman Chili, cold beer, pate & rat cheese. We will offer up a discount on gift certificates as well. Thanks for including us.

Merry merry,



Kids Unlimited will be open and offering 20% off clothing.

As other local retailers send in their plans on hosting the men of Cape Ann for Men’s Night I’ll add them to this post.

Mens’ Night @ Common Crow

Hi Joey
Men’s night is coming right up… Common Crow grocery & GreenLife are both offering everyone special deals from 5 to 8 this Thursday:
20% off your WHOLE purchase plus
Our chef’s best dips, local and artisanal cheeses and organic crudite to dilute the ‘high spirits’ offered elsewhere
Advice, ideas & gift wrapping from our helpful and expert team.
Common Crow grocery :
20% off your most expensive item, plus free dips& crudite & cookies!
Kate Noonan

Seaport Grille-

You are invited to “Men’s Night”, Thursday, Dec 13, 2012 at Seaport Grille. There will be FREE Chowder from 4-7PM, Entertainment: Kevin Smith 7PM-10PM, 1/2 Price Appetizers, and A $100 and $50 Gift certificate will be drawn at 10:00PM. You must be present to Win!

Try our World Famous Lobster Roll with FF for $9.95

Palazola’s Sporting Goods

Hi Joey,

Palazola’s is running 20% off, crackers and cheese with wine. Also, sign up for a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate.

Thanks, Linda

The Weathervane

We’ll have 20% off the entire store (Cape Pond Ice excluded)!  Great selection of zip hoodies, our famous “sherpa” coat, and of course all the great Gloucester t-shirts for friends and family near and far.  Sale includes Christmas cards, ornaments, wrapping paper, giftware – you name it!  Ladies are WELCOME too, everyone gets the discount!  We do NOT discriminate – plus, it’s a good night to be on Main Street to flirt up the fella’s!
Thanks, Joe!
Joe C.

Mark Adrian Shoes

We are offering for men’s night a free $20 gift certificate when purchasing merchandise for $100 or more.

Junque & Disorderly, Antiques and Collectibles, 57 Washington Street, will be open for Men’s Night from 4:00 to 8:00. 20% Off throughout the shop. Enter to win a $50.00 Gift Certificate. Don’t forget to take a right at the end of Main Street!

Harbor Goods/Life is good
Yummy snacks, Julie’s famous shrimp dip, cold beer, great customer service AND 20% off regular priced items.   

Jewels of Gloucester Chimes In-

Hi Joey! Nice post for Men’s Night. If you are still adding to the post, I’d love it if you would add our info.
Jewels of Gloucester will be serving up wine, cheese and crackers up to 9pm, and giving a 20% discount off most of our jewelry and watches. It’s also a good time for the guys to sell their old scrap gold and silver. We are paying cash on the spot. Why not free up some cash to cover their holiday shopping. It’s a win-win.
Jim, John, and Kelly

Bodin Historic Photo

Hope to see you on Thursday, December 13th for Men’s Night. It’s lower key than Ladies’ Night, but it’s still lots of fun. We’re serving home made Viking Herring, cheese, wine, and cold beer. Not to send you all elsewhere, but my neighbor the Cave is serving Cave Man Chili. Hey, you can have surf and turf by visiting me here and Laura at the Cave!

Savour Wine and Cheese

Come and join us for Men’s Night in Gloucester, at Savour Wine and Cheese.  In addition to our 20 wines we always have on the wine machines to taste, we will be tasting out spectacular ports, including a 20 yr. tawny and a 2000 vintage (while supplies last).  Try these memorable ports with the best Stilton Cheese made. 

We will also be offering some excellent craft beers, including very hard to find small-batch brews, like Berkshire Lost Sailor and Jack’s Abbey Smoke and Dagger lager. Nibble on fine cheeses, chocolate, olives and nuts while you do your Christmas shopping at 10% off (all day for men)!

We look forward to seeing you and sharing our new wonderful space at 76 Prospect St., Gloucester.  (Just a stroll down Pleasant St., 2 blocks from Main).  

5 – 8 p.m., Thursday, Dec. 13. 

We will see you there!

If you need some ideas just check out the GMG Shop local Video Series Here-

2012 GMG Downtown Gloucester Holiday Gift Series


  • Just for once, Ladies. Please stay home. Last year, i couldn’t get to some of the free food since there were too many women blocking the table. You had your night last week!


  • This really is a no brainer…great food and drink offerings…two buddies showing…good weather forcast…and great deals on Main St….I’m in!!!


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