Gloucester Lost One Of It’s Fishing Industry Icons- Mark Godfried

I remember when I was 13 years old offloading his dragger the Stella G at our dock.  That was a long time ago.  A good man and friend of Gloucester’s Fishing Community. 

Mark Godfried.





  • Actually remember him when he owned the Deli on Rt 1 and hen sold it and came to Gloucester to fish. He loved fishing and talking. He was always talking on the radio and if you listened to the day boats from the 1980’s on, he was always jabbering away in the thick of it. A very kind man with a generous and loving spirit. Blessings to Mark and his Family!


  • you can bet that he and Crossen have already had their first argument…I know that I miss them both,,,


    • I’m sure you have that righ Paolat. This puts s a smile on my face thinking about who won that argument. Two of the nicest guys I have known:-)


  • When I moved here 12 years ago, I got to know Mark as he and Star live 3 house away. When drove by the house he stopped by and ask how the family was. We cherish the stories and the wisdom he shared. We were blessed to have Mark as part of our lives, May you rest in peace and God has another angel by his side.

    God Bless his Star, Andrew, Tara and his family.


    • I am deeply saddened by the passing of my friend marc. We shared all lot of time on the ocean together,in the seventies and early eightys. He was a very good and kind man,he was aways there for anyone who needed a helping hand. May you rest in peace my friend,and I hope we meet again in the next world.


  • Sad news, another icon of our working waterfront passing on. A great loss for all of us. Mark was devoted to this industry, and helped many fishermen, most recently as volunteer marine consultant at the Cape Ann Commercial Fishermens Loan Fund. Fair fishing, Mark.


  • This is sad news for sure. Dear Mark, thanks for taking me on as a deckhand on the Stella G. back in 1980. I’ll cherish those memories with all they offered and all the friends and family in Gloucester that made it special. My sympathy and thoughts are with Star, Andrew and his family during this time. Rest in Peace Mark.


  • Mr. Godfried was a man of whom you hope there are two born to replace him to make the world a better place. God Bless.


  • All around good guys. My sympathy and thoughts are with Star, Andrew and his family during this time. Rest in Peace Mark.


  • Doug Harrison Sparrow

    I will always remember the pleasure I took from working hard for Mark and Peter on the Stella G. He will be thought of with respect and someone who seemed to have an inside deal with the Sea. My sympathies to Starr, Andrew and Family. Into that red sky at night Mark.


  • He was our only Tuna buyer for almost 30 years. I am going to miss seeing Mark waiting for us at the dock to buy our tuna fish. A true Icon of the Gloucester Fishing Fleet. You will be greatly missed.


  • Thank you all for your comments about my father. To anybody who lived, or earned their living from or around the waterfront, my father truly cared about each of you.

    Thank you for the wonderful thoughts, and Joey thank you for the mention.

    Our families best to all,



  • Absolutely the most caring and honest man I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with in the fishing industry.


  • It was with great sadness I learned of Marks passing. I was told he died while on a hunting trip. Doing something he loved. That is the way he lived, doing what he loved. Whether I called him when he was buying tuna or striper fishing, I knew Mark would be doing something, and in the thick of things he loved to do. There were many. Mark was a man of wonderful honesty in his opinions and never once, even though we didn’t always share the same opinion, did he comport himself with other than his honest voice. Clear. Backed by knowledge, and never without, agree or not, a great zeal for supporting what he believed in.
    I feel very honored to have known and been friends with Mark, done business on a handshake or a phonecall, for significant investment, never once wondering would he make good or he wondering of me. Mark was “old school” in all the best senses of the phrase, and also very much a man of the present with an eye out for the future and his visions of the future frequently were vindicated. Always thinking about his friends, their situations, volunteering his time for what he believed in. Mark was one of the reasons we still have a bluefin season. I enjoyed our political “discussions” which got quite lively and pointed, a very fun man to talk to about so many things. I learned a great deal from my friend.
    Always willing to lend a helping hand when I needed one, an ear when I needed to talk to him, and never shy about telling me the very most honest assessment of the subject at hand, it was up to me to take that knowledge and do something with it. I consider Mark a greart friend, I know that his legacy will live long. My condolences to his graciously hospitable wife Star, his son Andrew, the rest of his family, his closest friends. The world lost not only a wonderful man, but a real character too. It is not often one meets a man with the backbone and decency Mark had. I will miss him.


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