Remember Jon Butcher Axis? Ever thought you’d see Jon Butcher @ Rhumb Line? Tomorrow’s your chance.

Gloucester legend Fly Amero has been hosting Wednesday’s at the Rhumb Line for some time now — and his guests range from more Gloucester legends to people you can’t see every day.  But tomorrow, he’s outdone himself by bringing Grammy-nominated 80s rock star, Jon Butcher as his guest.  Remember this MTV video from 1984?

Here’s what Fly has to say about tomorrow:

It is a thrill for me to present my good friend, Jon Butcher to
the local art community and to the music lovers of Cape Ann
at large.  This is a man who built a legacy for himself that
extends from its early roots in Boston to the far reaches of the
planet.  At last, after years away on the West Coast, he returns
to his adoring fans here in New England – all of whom clearly
remember his music and his legend.  This is Jon Butcher Axis.
And this is a one-in-a-million show you won’t want to miss!
~ Fly


Grammy-nominated Jon Butcher is one of a select handful of
influential recording artists comprising the legendary Boston
music scene.  MTV vids and hit songs, “Life Takes A Life”,
“Wishes”, “Holy War”, “Goodbye Saving Grace”, “Miracles”,
“Send Me Somebody” comprise the underpinnings of a
recording/ touring career that continues today.  Two critically
acclaimed CD’s, “Positively The Blues” and “Electric Factory”
mark Jon’s enduring love affair with all things Americana –
blues, jazz, Dixieland, folk, swing, Cajun and more.

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