Bill O’Connor Writes-

Hi Joey,

I had the pleasure of interacting with Ed while he hung buoys on the lobster pot tree on Saturday.  He was all smiles in spite of the rain, and it was great to see how proud he was of the tree. It is quite a tribute to the community spirit of Gloucester!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Joey C edit:

You see that haggard old bastard right there in that picture?  Yeah, he’s the guy you want in your foxhole when the shit’s going down.  #BelieveThat!

Smiling when things are going right, smiling through the times when there’s no one around and we’re planning our next community event, smiling during the construction and long after the event’s when the crowds are gone and the cameras are put away and the stuff has to be deconstructed. You couldn’t ask for a better man as a friend I’m telling you.

Ed’s gonna be sworn is as the president of the Chamber of Commerce next month.  Should be a good year for the Chamber.


  • Hey, congrats Ed! You are an inspiration to all of us. What’s next… City Hall? He’s a great guy to have on your team, and next time, when sushi arrive from Lat 43, I’ll put some aside for him.


  • As my granddaughter, Ms. Maddie says, “he is kind” (he tied my shoe laces) how true and how lucky to know him and have his friendship.


  • I don’t know Ed very well, but the few times I have met him he was terrific. It’s rare to find someone who truly wants to help. He is one honest man with high integrity. Congrats to Ed.


  • Yes “Believe That”…Ed is The Best! We have a little joke every June -July 4tth, during GMG Horribles Float construction, time that Ed is my second husband…but truly he like a second father…always the first one to offer help, always with a big smile, and always willing to do what ever it takes to make something work. He is beyound generous with his time, and has a huge heart…. I’m very lucky to call him my friend, everyone should be so lucky to have a friend like ED ! He is Awesome! Thank you Ed for all you do the whole year through GMG would be the same without you<3


  • Congrats ED! I’m super excited for you! I know we are in good hands!


  • No pressure Ed. President of the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce. Just go through the motions, I think not! Have your seatbelts fastened.


  • Ed is the salt of the earth. Aside from being incredibly positive, dedicated, so totally community minded, always there with a helping hand and a smile, tells it like it is – no holds barred, never encountered a food he wouldn’t try, he’s also really cute and has gorgeous hair – and the man can dance! What more could you ask for in a friend and a President of the Chamber. Gloucester is blessed to have him as one of her own.


  • awesome! i didn’t know that when we were together today. You deserve it! Finally some good news!


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