All We Are Is Ducks in the Wind …

These go together. Crank the sound to eleven on the video while Rubber Duck and the Homies are on screen. Don’t worry, it will all make sense.homiesgalore


  • Paul is a “GoodMorningGloucester reporter with a Press Pass, a Rubber Duck” …. and much too much time on his hands!


    • This Rubber Duck used to be hard work but now people send me more Rubber Duck stuff than I can ever post. I just sit back and read her fan mail, and copy paste the good stuff.

      And folks, do not send actual Rubber Ducks to me. Send them to:

      Captain Joe & Sons Lobster Company
      95 East Main Street
      Gloucester, MA 01930

      Write in big letters on the box “Another Rubber Duck for Joey Fund” on the box. He told me just yesterday, “You know I don’t have enough of these fucking Rubber Ducks on my desk.”


  • This *used to be* one of my favorite songs. Now I fear it will never be the same. You have done what even Bill and Ted could not accomplish.


    • To unhear, to unsee, in this age of the internet, this is often requested but seldom solved. How to get rid of the earwig once it has burrowed in. There are two schools of thought.
      1) Play and replay the original incessantly:

      until, in this case, the word duck, finally, is wiped out and dust is back in its rightful place.
      2) Play the earwig incessantly. This is my strategy. Play the parody, “Ducks in the Wind” over and over until the duck squawking is muscle memory. Only then can you compartmentalize it and move on so that the violin in the original Kansas tune no longer harkens only a Kazoo and a duck with a sore throat.

      Who am I kidding, forever, it will be ducks, not dust, that are blowing in the wind, and no money, “and all your money won’t another minute buy”, will not bring it back. Sorry. 😉


  • Talking like a duck is one of my more unusual abilities. I enjoyed singing harmony.

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  • Best Thing! thanks for the laugh. A great way to start the day!


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