Pitbull murdered in Gloucester??

Kristen Lark writes-

Hello, I was wondering if you heard about a pitbull found dead on the side of the road gutted. From what I gathered on facebook and by the Sweet Paws Rescue of Essex facebook page, a woman & her son were walking their dog around the Sadler St Burnham’s field area yesterday. Their dog reacted to something in the bushes & when they looked it was a dead pitbull sliced open. This is horrifying. I guess the police think the dog was used for fighting. I wish I could have seen the dog’s body to check for scars to confirm it was a fighting dog or not. Not all pitbulls are fighting dogs. Many are show dogs or weight pulling contest dogs.

There is no media attention to this and I don’t know why. I am Gloucester resident who owns a 6 month old pitbull puppy and I am outraged. The pitbull population in Gloucester has grown a lot in the past 10-15 years and there are many responsible owners here. Is there anything you can do to investigate this further? I emailed the Times but didn’t get any responses. I am a member of B.O.N.E (Bully Owners of New England) and we do a lot of pitbull advocacy work. Pitbulls are the most tortured, brutalized, and misunderstood dog.

Thank you for your help,

Kristen Lark


  • This is horrific. 😦


  • In no way should this incident be buried without an autopsy! this is cruelty to an animal.Charlene


  • This is horrible and disgusting. Pitbulls get such a bad rap as it is.


  • I heard the horrific news on facebook as well. I hope some justice is taken for the poor animal.
    Its not bad animals, its bad owners.


    • I too am a responsible Pitbull owner and think it is a very poor reflection of our society when ANY animal is abused or tortured. The dog fighting “industry” is torturous and is abuse–remember Michael Vick. If this did happen in Gloucester, I hope the authorities take this as seriously as if the victim were a lab or a golden retriever.


  • Mary Lou Maraganis

    Please call the Animal Control Officer of Gloucester (978) 281-9746 to request further investigation and follow-up.
    It is the only way things like this will get investigated further and attentiona paid to them. Request a follow-up phone call/email once the investigation is complete.
    Also please contact The Beacon and GDT to request investigation. This should not get buried under the carpet but we as a dog loving community must be their voice and advocate for justice here. We may never find out how or why but officials need to try and the public needs to be aware of the cruelty in their own backyard.
    I plan to contact the ACO and the local papers and ask that you do so too. The more the powerful in incidents like this.
    Please do your part.
    Mary Lou


    • Mary Lou Maraganis

      Follow up: I did contact The Beacon and they are looking into this.
      I phoned Jamie the Animal Control Officer at 978-281-9746 and requested an investigation and call back. I encourage others to do the same.

      Mary Lou


  • Those people who did that to a dog should be strung up by their ‘family jewels’ if you get my drift ~ Some people don’t deserve animals or children or elderly parents ~ No one has the right to abuse any living person or animal ~ Sometimes people enrage me ~ the stupidity and maliciousness ~ enuf said?????


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