Tired of folks trying to get me to be vanilla

It’s exhausting responding to people that can’t get the obvious humor or freak out at a swear word.

Seriously.  Exhausting feeling like I have to defend obvious outlandish statements like-

“Don’t forget to bring your children down to Art Haven to paint a buoy to adorn the tree.  That’s what separates our lobster trap tree from all those horribly disfigured monstrosity lobster trap trees up in Maine that are all built out of simply traps and cheap pre-made ribbons imported from China and manufactured in sweat shops with unfair labor practices.

Compare our Tree decorated with heart felt appreciation for our lobster industry and hard working fishermen by sweet adoring children form the Gloucester Community to the abomination seen below-“

It’s a joke.  It’s obvious homerism.   If you can’t deal with it or if the word fuck is going to send you into a tailspin please, get your blog on somewhere else.

So sick and tired of the PC police trying to vanillaize the entire world.

Political Correctness is the ruination of funky society.

You heard it here.

You wanna rail on about something?  Rail on about child abuse, rail on about cancer, rail on about how messed up our health care system is or political hacks.  But jesus h christ if the worst part of your day is that you didn’t get an edgy joke or if a four letter swear word freaks you out so much that you feel like writing a three paragraph email telling me how horrible I am- save it.

This here blog isn’t gonna change.

Here’s a site for those too sensitive for the word fuck- http://disney.com/


About Joey C

The creator of goodmorninggloucester.org Lover of all things Gloucester and Cape Ann. GMG where we bring you the very best our town has to offer because we love to share all the great news and believe that by promoting others in our community everyone wins.
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38 Responses to Tired of folks trying to get me to be vanilla

  1. Cynthia Hill says:

    You’ll never be vanilla.
    I know you could give a rat’s ass how I feel, but how will you feel when Bean stubs her toe in the supermarket and says “Oh, fuck”….Jill will be thrilled, and you might be a little embarrassed…maybe, as well as in the doghouse, again,

    • Joey C says:

      Kinda like this one-

      There have been many funny stories revolving around JJ but my favorite was the one in particular I’ll never forget.

      JJ never liked closed doors. If there was a room he wanted to get into he would scratch and scratch and scratch at the door until you would get up and open it to let him get to the other side of that damn door. To say that his scratching wasn’t a total PITA to have to manage would be a lie.

      The Mrs would often yell at him when he scratched at the doors or a piece of furniture. So one day when the Bean was 2 years old I get home from work and we are all sitting around the island in the kitchen and JJ starts scratching at the door that leads out to our screened in porch. Without hesitation and with the perfect inflection in her voice The Bean at all of 2 years old says out loud “FUCKIN JJ”! Obviously she picked up that little oratory gem from hearing The Mrs lash out in an irritated state when JJ had scratched at the door one too many times in the course of a day.. But the way she said it was just perfect with the inflection and attitude- “Fuckin JJ”!

      I looked at my wife and she looked at me and that’s when we learned that we ought to watch our mouths around the little ones because they really do pick up everything you say whether you think they are listening or not.

      • Cynthia Hill says:

        As always, you made me laugh!
        Merry Christmas, Joey.

      • Kim Smith says:

        My similar unforgettable teaching moment came one morning when Liv was about the same age. I was too hurriedly sewing away at the sewing machine and sewed through my finger. I yelled Damn! Later that afternoon I heard Liv singing to herself a sweet melody from the adjoining room–with the lyrics damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

  2. Vickie & Peter says:

    What the fuck is so bad about vanilla? It’s an exotic flavor derived from a fucking orchid originally cultivated by the Aztecs and brought to Europe (along with chocolate) by the motherfucker Cortés after he wiped those fucking savages out. So, Joey, what the fuck is wrong with your ass? Why do you disparage one of the most exciting, exotic, out-fucking-standing tastes known to man? Just fucking stop it. Please!

    • Lorna Mattuchio says:

      Just back from vacation and catching up on past blogs. OMG laughing my fucking ass off Peter! I’m a fan of fucking vanilla.

  3. freedom of speech.. Joey you are also very appropriate in your words especially in front of children. Love your honesty

  4. MAJack says:

    Stand firm Joey. Political correctness is a blight on the American culture and an insult to the first amendment. Screw those who are habitually offended by something. They’re part of our growing nation of aggrieved victims!

  5. Paolo Noci says:


  6. Karen says:

    Seriously? They actually took the time to write 3 paragraphs? If you didn’t tell then to get a “fucking life” I have some easy solutions for them. Children in your house? Don’t let them read this blog and for God’s sake learn to read to yourself. No children just REALLY hyper sensitive? Perhaps you just recently left the nunnery? Simple, get a sense of humor or don’t read it. But please no matter what….get a sense of humor! Thanks for making me smile every day.

  7. Kevin says:

    Watch your fuckin’ language….

  8. janemgibbs says:

    Yeah! It’s one of the most versatile words e-vah! You can use it as a noun, an adjective, a verb, an adverb, and an exclamatory all in ONE sentence! Blog On!

  9. JaneMGibbs says:

    Yeah! It’s one of the best words e-vah. You can use it as a noun, a verb, an adverb, an adjective, a pronoun, and an exclamation all in ONE sentence! Blog on, Joey!

  10. Joe T says:

    Joey I am with you on the use of the F word that is used as a noun,verb,adverb and plus as defined in the dictionary. But I try to curve use while around children. As a young boy with my father at 3;00 am in Johnny’s sandwich shop on Hancock St for a cup of coffee before going out for the day,my father would reminded the other fishing skippers “that there were Tender Ears Around ” and they would refrain from any hard words, at least till I was 12 then I heard morning prays that would pail paint off a wall. Also you forgot DON”T that the LORD’S name in vain.

  11. deenoble says:

    Oh Fuck…Here we go again….. Their toes….they are a-curling……. XO

  12. Doug Brendel says:

    I am a clergyman. I have a ministry in the former USSR. I have an apartment in Minsk, Belarus. It’s very small. If you need to have a meeting, you have to use a bedroom. About 10 years ago, my wife and I were having a very difficult meeting with a Belarusian staffer, not paying attention to our very small daughter, who was ambling in and out of the rooms. I lost my temper in the meeting, and used some unfortunate language, and ended up stalking out of the bedroom. As I sat at the kitchen table, our tiny little Lydia Charlotte, who had barely begun walking and talking, ambled toward me down the corridor from the bedroom. With a big smile on her face, she cried out to me: “Goddammit!”

  13. “Political Correctness is the ruination of funky society.” – best line of 2012

  14. Judy B. says:

    Let’s hope, that those who are offended, just go & cool their jets.
    All this PC attitude is way too much.
    Love the blog exactly the way it is — ’cause you tell it like it is.

  15. fb says:

    language is how we communicate, never mind the pretty pictures that go with every utterance these days. fuck in word and deed has been with the species since forever. ever notice how people who are lying to you almost never say fuck? do what you do, cuz. just like tv, if you don’t like it, turn it the fuck off and read a book.

  16. Judy says:

    Fuckin A, Joey. Keep keeping on.

  17. Linda Colman says:

    New tee shirt: GMG logo on the front. “Political Correctness is the Ruination of Funky Society” on the back.

  18. gregbover says:

    “Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.” H.G. Wells
    I think that part of what is happening is that you are a victim of your own success, Joey. GMG is such an established part of of the way we communicate with each other on Cape Ann that folks forget that it is your personal statement and not a public institution. Stay salty, buddy.

  19. schooner39 says:

    There are times when only one word will do, but the one featured in this discussion has lost much of its effectiveness from overuse. Dorothy Parker dealt with it this way when she was asked by a friend why she hadn’t attended a play featuring a character loosely based on her life:

    “I’ve been too fucking busy,
    and vice versa”

  20. Swami says:

    Using the f word has nothing to do with political correctness……..i am not offended by the word, but it seems a bit crass, used too much, unnecessary in most instances. We see and hear this shit all over the TV already. I would think you would want to raise your standards a bit. Perhaps you’re of that generation who has grown up with everyone saying it all the time that it’s no big deal for you. Why risk turning off readers who won’t come back.? Lose the f word and bring it up a notch Joey. Respect your own site, the people, and those who contribute to this great site.

    • Joey C says:

      I’ll respect my site by writing the from the heart the way I want to write instead of writing what i think people want to hear. Pandering to folks is way more disrespectful. You can try to please everyone and in the process please no one. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

      • Judy B. says:

        In repsonse to capeanner, swami, & several others: If you don’t like what you read, stop reading it!
        This has been blown sooooooooooooooo out of proportion. I can’t believe it!
        BTW: Joey, we all even have the pc derivation of the word ‘fuck’ now, too! What next! The ‘f’ word is not used to describe rape, in ‘this day & age’.
        How far & how long will this silliness continue?
        Being true to who you are, Joey, is what makes GMC the success it is. Thank you!
        If anyone is offended, then unsubscribe. Period.
        No vanilla!

    • Vickie & Peter says:

      “Take away the right to say ‘fuck’ and you take away the right to say ‘fuck the government’.” – Lenny Bruce

  21. Anonymous says:

    Never fucking change Joey. You blog has done more to foster a strong Community spirit on Cape Ann than anything I can recall. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Carol Murphy says:

    Of for fucks sakes write what you want keep up the good work I love the blog.

  23. cape anner says:

    The word ‘FUCK’ comes from old police blotters.
    It was an abbreviation of ‘For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge’.
    Meaning Rape.

  24. emmeyd says:

    It’s Joey’s blog. We have a choice whether or not to follow it, but it’s on his terms. I wouldn’t change a thing, and will defend Joey’s right to shape it as he sees fit every single time this comes up. Dissenters, you have the option of applying your values to a blog of your own. Go for it.

  25. Erin says:

    I’ve been reading this blog for almost as long as it’s been around. Watched it evolve from a few posts a day (mostly photos and fun stories) to a whole community of posters with photos, events, observations, etc. It’s amazing. There have been a few posts along the way that have made me say “was that really necessary?”, but I always come back….why? It’s not my blog, I love 99% of the content and you can’t please everyone all the time. I think the time and energy Joey puts into this is stupendous and a huge service to the people, places and businesses in Gloucester. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

  26. E.J. says:

    You keep on being Joey, Joey. GMG is the success it is because of you and who you are. Don’t let anyone try to change you. This is Glosta after all, not Boxford.

  27. Donna says:

    Profanity is the crutch of a verbal cripple – it has nothing to do with ice cream flavors.

    • Joey C says:

      That’s me. The verbal cripple. Can’t write. Can’t speak. We only have 40-60,000 people a day checking in here and win CBS Boston’s most valuable blog and North Shore Magazine’s Best of North Shore Blog.

      We’re terrible communicators.

      Verbally crippled.

  28. litterlady says:

    Love the word fuck but find myself almost saying it way too much in public settings where it I guess not be said, little children, at meetings and such. But funny I can switch it off and on just find. Just ask my friend Jane who likes it too much too, must be the people you hang with I guess.

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