Patricia Walsh Sends In Photos Of The P-Town Lobster Trap Tree

You know by now I hope folks know that when I write the title of a post like –

Our Always Fair and Balanced Lobster Trap Tree Poll and Gloucester’s Lobster Trap Tree

and proceed to write-

“Don’t forget to bring your children down to Art Haven to paint a buoy to adorn the tree.  That’s what separates our lobster trap tree from all those horribly disfigured monstrosity lobster trap trees up in Maine that are all built out of simply traps and cheap pre-made ribbons imported from China and manufactured in sweat shops with unfair labor practices.”

Patty was offended by the post obviously not seeing the homerism angle of it so I offered to show her what good sports we are here and to post her photos of the P-Town tree.

Here you go Patty-

P-town treelobster tree

In fairness I really like what they do with their lighted lobster trap buoy bloom at the top.  Very nice.

That being said I’ll take our G-Town lobster trap tree 10 times out of 10.


  • a lobster trap is a lobster trap as a lobster trap is a lobster trap…Charlene C.


  • The Provincetown trap display does not look like a tree – it’s not shaped like any Christmas Tree I’ve ever seen….Gloucester’s has more decorative touches and a far more appropriate shape. I do like the colors/lighting on the Maine one. But It’s Gloucester head and shoulders above the others.


  • But a Lobster Trap TREE, now that’s a different story! I do like to buoy bloom. And their tree looks nice. But the Gloucester tree ROCKS!


  • They are all nice…in their own way. That one is Flam-buoy-ant.
    The ‘star’ on top looks like a Los Vegas showgirl.


  • So wish I could be there to see the lobster tree, so miss my hometown; Gloucester’s tree is the top bananna


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