• For the geeks in us could you share how many frames that was and how long was the actual time that you compressed and what type of apple software (I’m guessing iMovie) you used to perform this marvelous video?


    • For the geeks (although this was so simple anyone could do it. Maybe the hardest part would be getting down to Toodeloos and purchasing a Rubber Duck. Remember to tell Susan the Rubber Duck sent you and you’ll get a pat on the head.)

      Stuff needed: iPhone 5 (a 4 will do), download app iTimeLapse for free, follow simple directions.

      For this movie I set the app to one frame per second and shot 1,117 frames. Then when I get home I “render” the movie. To do that I just move the slider so the length of the movie is reasonable. Here I moved it to 2 minutes 30 seconds (the attention span of a GMG viewer and a bit shorter than the Charlie Brown Christmas song) and that made the movie 7 frames a second which seemed reasonable.

      Rendering takes a few minutes then I hit share USB (hooking iPhone up to laptop) and in iTunes select my phone and point the app to my desktop where it deposits the rendered movie.

      I pop open iMovie and import the video, google for a good tune that is public domain (for this I googled christmas tree + mp3) then drag and drop Charlie Brown piano onto the iMovie.

      Export finished product to desktop, upload into my YouTube account default to public and share.

      Actual computer time, about 20 minutes. Cost, zero (if you already have a phone and laptop). Faces of people looking at the clown in the red pants with Rubber Ducks taped to a T Square on a tripod in a crowded Dock Square? Priceless.


  • Sorry we missed you!! The children are teenagers now and decided eating in a warm home was way more fun that waiting in sleet and cold. sigh. Remember when they were so cute? Beth

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    • It’s only been 35 years since we last saw each other, it’s a small island, eventually we’ll bump into each other …

      Stop by the GMG party on Saturday, I look just the same as when we were in Brook’s dorm at UMass except now a rubber duck follows me around.


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