Cooperative Seagulls

Good Harbor Beach -1©Kim Smith 2012While filming B-roll of gorgeous herons, ducks, geese, and gulls this morning, the homies were particularly cooperative. Click images to view larger.

Good Harbor Beach -2©Kim Smith 2012

Come to think of it, the sunbeams, the herons, the pearly pink-hued surf caught in the dawn light, and sand turned-brilliant-gold were also cooperating. It must be my good fortune! Last night on my way home from work I purchased my first ever lottery ticket and, although unfortunate in that I did not win the half billion dollars, I feel fortunate everyday for our shared beauty that is Gloucester.

Good Harbor Beach -3©Kim Smith 2012JPG

Good Harbor Beach November 29, 2012


  • so true Kim about being grateful to be able to watch the sun go and down at a beach, what a blessing


  • So pretty Kim!


  • Beautiful Kim and so true how blessed we are to live here, something I remind myself of often. I lived in LA for 5 years and one thing I really didn’t like was the sameness of the weather which kind of defined everything else there. Late night and early morning low clouds, high in the 70’s every day unless the Santa Ana’s were blowing. Easy? yes…inspiring? Not so much. I truly believe Cape Ann,– its diverse, hardworking people, the natural beauty of the place, the neighborhoods, the ethnicities, the food, the creativity found here, art, music, theater, dance—it all enriches the soul. We have the best of the cutting edge tempered by old-world traditions all in a gorgeous spot on the planet…how could we be richer than that? (Well…my next oil bill will be telling me that I could have used a half billion or so but so what?)


    • I lived in LA for awhile too and although there is much beauty found there, I remember well the Santa Anna winds (and subsequent fires), earthquakes, and mud slides.Thank you Deb for writing so eloquently about our beautiful Gloucester!


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