Kent Circle Tree lighting

Some faces from the event. Just love the joy in the children’s faces.


  • I was just there!!! This was so much fun.. but wish the bitter (and I do mean bitter with the winds wow ) cold didn’t kinda make it a bit of a challenge difficult otherwise was SO NICE!!!!!
    It was exciting to have NECN’s weather guy there too…. that was so nice along with other special guests… thank you city of Gloucester, all the floats and particpants putting that together too for this really fun annual event in our cute lil “Kent Circle” 🙂


  • Illumination of Hope

    By Peter A. Todd 11/25/2012

    In Loving Memory to Mike , Nick , John and William Taliadoros

    We gather for a time of Christmas Celebration
    To be together in praise and in song
    Giving thanks to our Father of creation
    For the return of most of our Soldiers
    To their home’s where they belong
    Celebrating the start of this new Christmas Season
    With a vision that the dreams of children come true
    Sharing with our loved ones the true meaning
    Of Faith, Hope, and Love, and Charity too
    So reach out to your children and draw them to your side
    That they might receive your loving embrace
    Truly Christmas is a time that praise abides
    In jubilation of the birth of Jesus so forgiving and great
    We light this tree though the power of Love
    That all our children have in their hearts and souls
    Through the wisdom of those here and the Heavens above
    Their challenges will be of a lighter load


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