Beautiful Industry- Captain Joe and Sons at Dusk 5:00PM 11/24/12

Shot with my trusty Sony NEX-5N.


BTW right now Amazon has a great deal on memory cards.  For a 32GB Class 10 SD Card for only $19.99.

Considering Apple charges you an extra hundred dollars for a jump up from a 16GB iPad to a 32GB iPad, that’s a great deal.

Imagine that, SD card storage is THAT cheap that you can buy two times the amount of storage that comes on a stock iPad for less than $20.  Anyway if you’re buying a camera it’s always good to have a couple extra SD cards so you can leave one in your computer to edit your photos off of and rotate in your spare to the camera so when you leave the house with the camera in a hurry you don’t pound yourself in the head when you get to that birthday party because you left the memory stick in the computer.  I always rotate mine and have a stick in my computer and swap it out on the spot with the memory stick that was in the camera.

Anyway here’s the deal if you want one (they’re normally $32)-

Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card

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