• Sam Cooke, When Shadows Fall……..


  • Dear Father Green, Would you please consider doing a walking photo-journaling tour of some of the unique places in Rockport and the delighfulness of the town in general. Some of the best kept and photogenic and whimsical place are The Sarah Elizabeth Shop up next to Dunkin; Donuts, The TOAD HALL BOOKSTORE. The cozy little eateries open year ’round, Brother’s Brew, Ally’s Eatery, The Red Skiff, The Hula Moon—Nate’s, The Paper Mermaid, The Galleries, Earth;s Treasures, Joncien of all hand maid local crafts, The great little consignment shop on Dock Square Corner, R 3 Sons Fun Emporium. The church fairs are all coming up. Local Theater like Chalotte’s Web and others, La Provence……I am just naming a few but it is a vibrant little town of wonderful things to see and buy and eat and just enjoy. Santa come is on the Lobster Boat Dec. 1 at 3:30. The Living Nativity Pageant is Dec. 22 at 5:00 pm. The Sandy Bay Museum—-a truly great little museum. The Church Steeples and their stories. Just a small sampling. Please consider. Thank you. Dona


    • Thanks for the suggestion, Dona! I have done some photography in Rockport, but you point out a lot of things I either hadn’t noticed or hadn’t considered. Events can be harder for me to make, because they usually fall on weekends when I am busy at the parish (every Saturday afternoon and practically Sunday morning and evening I have parish duties…). I will try to program a “photo safari” (or 2 or 3) in Rockport soon!


      • Thanks for considering Father Matthew. Your photography is excellent and seeing. You see things that most of us never see like the Britannica Building. The Sarah-Elizabeth Shop and Toad Hall and The Sandy Bay Museum are fizzing with wonderful history and legends. But they are not open every day so you would need to make sure people are preset before you go on an excursion. Toad Hall is always open from 10-4 in the winter. I would be happy to help you make contact at Sarah Elizabeth and at the Museum if you wished. Just an offer. I love your photography and the stories your pictures tell. I could even show you a couple of gargoyles here in Rockport and the old hearse housed in the little building in front of the old cemetery where Hannah Jumper is buried. Rockport also had an old unsolved murder mystery that took place on the corner of Main and Beach. The Unitarian-Universalist Society is full of Spirits. Best, Dona


  • another exciting composition, the natural light , the dots of electric lighting,the natural beauty of the sky, the houses against the sky.


  • ;-))) gorgeous !


  • This beautiful picture took my breath away.


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