Community Stuff 11/24/12

West Parish School Event

Good morning,
I don’t know if this fits in with your blog but we have several events that we would like to share from West Parish School.
Our most recent was this past Tuesday. Combining the arts and history, sixty-two 3rd grade students, presented reports and projects on Native American tribes from across the country.
Please let me know if events like this are something you would like post.
Gina Sargent

Native Am 2


Someplace Different by George G. Story has finally been released on  Pop onto Amazon and take a look.  See the Book description below. Please pass the information on, anyone living in Gloucester will love this ride.  Of course, as always, leave a review.


Cooper Hayden is vacationing on Eastern Point in Gloucester, Massachusetts and Sandra Madison is a year round resident of Eastern Point. When their lives come together and they discover a different Gloucester, Massachusetts they cannot understand or explain, their lives change, in so many more ways than they can count. Once there they learn to work together, they learn all there is to know about one another and they learn to trust one another and with everything in their lives.

George G. Story is easily Cape Ann’s largest e-author.  He is most noted for his "Vanessa’s Valley" series and "The We’re Here" series. “The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen” novelizations, by Story, are a new way of presenting Old Radio Programs.

His works are prominently displayed and offered through most any e-book distributor. All of his books and short stories can most easily be found at in the KINDLE Store, or click below.

George G. Story is also the author of the Gloucester HarborWalk Audio Walking Tour that can be rented at the Harbor Tours ticket booth on Harbor Loop.

Dear Joey:  We’d love it if you could post the attached flyer on GMG for all your faithful GMG readers/followers to see.  Thank you. 

Bonnie Gale

Trinity Church


One comment

  • The native American dwelling models from different regions done at West Parish are extremely well done and thank you for posting a picture of them. I particularly like the eastern forest long house.


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