OK, Here It Is- The New GMG Sticka Color Poll

You submitted your nominations for the about to be printed new version of the GMG Sticka.  printed by our FOB’s Shewsberry and Frank Ciolino and designed by Beth Swan, so here’s the poll.

(and there will be no Rubber Duck yellow option)


  • They are all good colors and I voted for the fire engine red but I would also like to vote for cousin elisa’s idea of using reflective stock for the super special sticker. I for one would spend five dollars each to make all my vehicles show their GMG pride with dazzling (hopefully not blinding) pizzazz. These would be stickers you do not hand out free to the riff raff but they cost some serious change. One might also need to fill out a questionnaire to prove you have what it takes to mount this upper tier sticker to your car.

    OK, forget the twenty questions, jack the price and get a new camera. A high priced unique sticker would sell.

    I will keep mum about the rubber duck yellow as I know the persecution of the little yellow rubber ones continues. Oh, the humanity.


    • We won’t be selling stickers. They’ve always been free and through the generosity of Frank, Shewsberry and Beth Swan they will continue to be free.


      • Perhaps a small donation to cover the cost of the reflective stock? Rubber Duck is jonesing for a DayGlo Luminescent Homie.

        We should also have an Appreciation Day or Mug-Up complete with a Greg Bover GMG cake and candles to acknowledge what a great job Beth, Frank and the Shewsberry team does on these stickers. Make it twofer and a cake for Paul F on all that he does getting us in clean GMG T-Shirts for the Horribles parade.


        • We won’t be asking for donations.
          People and businesses are getting overrun with people asking for donations and I’d rather the money go to more worthy causes than stickers and don’t want folks to feel obligated to pay for one.


  • i want a hot pink one to match my hair, joey. make my dreams come true! -kt


  • I love my collection of the different colors. I had the original one in my display case and someone came in and offered to make a donation for it. I promptly took it and bought items to send to our troops overseas witch is sent by volunteers at the Veterans center. I am still glad I did it.


  • what happened to the lickable strawberry suggestion?


  • Hot Pink seems to be surging ahead. Come on Fire Engine Red! (Although hot pink would OK but I might need to buy RD some different outfits so she doesn’t clash.)


  • How about TURQUOISE ?


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