How Joey found the music for his video, Hitchcock Homie and other fascinating tidbits you probably don’t know

The Atlantics (circa 1980) Fred Pineau, B. Wilkinson,  Tom Hauck, Paul Caruso, Bobby Marron.

Yesterday, Joey published this Men at Work 4x fast video with music by Gloucester musician Tom Hauck (founder of the Atlantics).  So, how did he find that music?  Did he go to iTunes and listen to all 8 million songs?  Did he remember seeing the Atlantics open for the Ramones in 1976 at The Club in Cambridge and say, Hey Tom’s music would be perfect for this video?  Did he ask Kim Smith (Tom’s wife)?  Nope.

Joey found Tom’s music on  Truth be told, he called me first to ask if I had any ideas for up-tempo songs by Gloucester musicians that would fit the spirit of his 4x video.  I sent him some ideas, and after listening to a bunch of tunes on gimmesound he chose Tom’s song Stand Up.  Of course, he asked Tom for permission first.

If you need music by Gloucester area artists, you can easily get a list of them here.  But remember, before you use any music BE SURE TO GET THE ARTIST’S PERMISSION!  It’s easy.  There’s a CONTACT ARTIST button on every gimmesound Artist Profile (right next to the music player controls).  Just click it and type a brief message — be sure to include a way to contact you.  Your request will automatically be sent to the artist.

And to all you artists out there, if you want Joey to use your music, just let him know.

Now for the other tidbits about yesterday’s 4x movie.  You’ve probably heard of Alfred Hitchcock, right?  Besides being one of Hollywood’s greatest directors, Hitch is known for a cameo appearance in all his films beginning with The Lady Vanishes in 1938.  Now, if you look at Joey’s movie carefully, you’ll see a cameo by Homie starting at 2:01 for 3 seconds.  Hitchcock Homie lands atop the trailer and then flies away.

You’ll also notice that Joey does almost all the work — and you might conclude that’s why he’s fit and trim.  But you’d be wrong.  The real reason is that nobody he works with is trying to lose weight.  See my Monday LOL post for a more complete explanation.

For all you college kids home for the weekend and looking for a good time in advance of your annual Tryptophan fix, check out the HUGE PARTY SCENE in town tonight!

Here’s a video for all you Tryptophan junkies featuring another Joey you might find fun — especially if you were at that Romones show in Cambridge:

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  • Gimmesound is a terrific resource! Peter and Vickie are tireless in their efforts to draw attention to the incredilble music scene on Cape Ann. If you’re a North Shore musician and you aren’t on Gimmesound, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


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