Duluth Jeans Trading Company

First we talked about Skinny Jeans and Yoga Pants now there are pants called, are you ready,  “Crouch without singing soprano jeans” and “Jeans for men who are tired of feeling the pinch”. Ballroom denim jeans built with a Crouch Gusset™ so you can crouch without the ouch.  Click below to see more.  Vickie and I actually saw this commercial while watching the weather channel during Sandy.



  • Donna,
    My husband was telling me about ballroom denim jeans the other day. We were discussing how they no longer make Dickies, hospital scrubs and chef pants with the crotch gusset anymore. I commented on how the gusset was the most practical functional feature of work pants, and my husband’s comment was that they don’t do it any more because it’s too expensive to construct; not easy to mass produce, etc. He absolutely hates his chef pants and mentioned he was going to find out more about the ballroom jeans. Thanks for the link; I’ll show it to him!


  • I have bought from Duluth for year…great value…D. Bruce


  • I have ordered from this company at least twenty times. Everything they make is excellent quality. The fire hose stuff is unbelievably hardy. Love Duluth!!


  • To fill in all the new models of jeans you need to also list “Mom Jeans” which may be similar to ballroom jeans. Mom jeans are unflattering high waisted (above the belly button) roomy crotch jeans that make you butt look like an aircraft carrier. (Mitt Romney wears Mom jeans.)

    A constant battle, do you want to look good but sing high or do you go for comfort and look like mom?


  • Duluth makes great stuff for working folks. Their tool bags are first class.


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