Happy Birthday EJ! You Light Up All Our Lives With Your Positive Spirit!

We have a bunch of positive minded, kind, creative folks that are part of our little GMG community.  Perhaps no one among us embodies what it is to be a GMG’er more than our friend EJ.

GMG Contributor’s EJ Pictures-

Kim Smith submits-

E.J. JoeyE.J

Paul Morrison Submits-


Donna Ardizzoni Submits-

February 19, 2012 e.j.


Fr Matthew Green submits-

From The Bong Tree Island Party


Kathy Chapman photo-

(this was EJ before she kicked ass this summer on her diet and cleanse)


Ed Collard submits-

EJ Back In The Day (Would You Hit That?)


Marty Luster Submits-


Fred Bodin submits-

At the Bong Tree book launching party-


Beth Swan writes-

"Happy Birthday EJ! ENJOY and live it up!" —Beth 🙂

March 19, 2011-

Video interview introducing EJ to the GMG Community-


We tape a video for EJ’s Kickstarter Project To Launch Tales of Bong Tree Island-



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