Joey C Public Service Announcement To People Who Walk or Bike Outdoors At Night:


There is less light in the fall.  Duh Obvi, right?  The daylight is short and I’d just like to highlight a point that people with perfect vision may not realize-

If you are walking at night or riding a bike at night there are a shit-ton of people who can’t see you in the dark. 

They don’t want to run your ass over so please wear light colored clothing or even better- wear clothing with some type of reflective properties in it.

As I get older I notice it’s tougher and tougher to see these people and they just sort of jump out at you when you are almost on top of them when driving at night if they are wearing dark clothing.

No one wants to run someone over, it makes for a sucky day.  So keep it in mind next time you’re heading out for a healthy stroll or bike ride at night time.

Thank You.

Joey C

Be Bright Be Seen


  • It’s a ticketable offense here – for the bike rider who does not have front and rear lights at night.
    The city gives a great bike safety course for all riders. At the end of the course – they provide complimentary lights to help deliver the message..
    Perhaps something for consideration on Cape Ann


    • Absolutely right on other Donna!! These bike riders seem to be fearless flying down the road, natural high endorphiens flowing,,They need do realize they are up against a Ton of metal and maybe a drivier whose tired, and we are held liable if the bike rider is hit!! Come on share the road have consideration where the correct clothing and lighten!!!


  • Right on Joey. I drive to Pigeon Cove in Rockport at night and try to be super aware of pedestrians crossing the street, especially in downtown Gloucester and in Rockport near the train stations. I usually go slow;


  • Hey Joey,

    You shouldn’t even have to post this but, I am so glad you did. Where is the common sense in some people. I witnessed skateboarders and people on bikes in black. No reflectors, no nothing.. My heart jumped when this young man was speeding down Washington Street on a skateboard. I was walking so I got to see it all pretty good. A car came right up on him he went out in the road and the driver swerved like crazy to avoid hitting him. There are not that many street lights out there,
    Eyes on the road at all times….driver, biker, skateboarder and walker beware.

    Think safety.



  • You don’t need to spend a lot for special clothing. A couple of bands of wide reflective tape on your jacket will do the trick!


  • Had these very thoughts late afternoon, early evening when I drove to walk the dog on the Boulevard, and there was a barely visible pedestrian walking along 133 in the shadows. Thank you for writing this! Equally worrisome: please write a blogpost on the weirdly high numbers of drivers around here who don’t bother to turn on their headlights. What is up with this?


  • thank you. this is much more polite than I would have said it…because I have a 16 year old learning to drive who is constantly surprised at people walking in front of our moving car!


  • So glad you posted this, the other night, 5:00 pm, there were two young kids skate boarding on Pleasant Street and two cars and myself almost hit them because we could not see them and they were also swerving around. I stopped the car and got out and yelled at them, they were about 10 and asked their names and told them I was going to tell their parents.


  • So happy to wake up to this post this morning. My husband and I moved here just one year ago and noticed immediately how many people are out at dusk and later walking, riding, etc in complete black clothing. We would remark on it all during fall and winter. Just last week after
    pushing the clocks back……again we come up to people on the side of the road driving and don’t notice them until we are right beside them, dressed in dark clothes. Thank you for bringing this much needed subject up!


  • I’m one of those people who can’t see anything at night, which is why I seldom go out after dark if I have to drive. My biggest concern is hitting one of those people you are talking about who walk in the dark in dark clothing somehow expecting people to be able to see them. Hopefully they read this.


    • `Yes! Please forward this to your teens/tweens/and 20 and such who drive, it really
      is so much more dangerous then they realize. Let us start the “bright light” community and keep everyone safe. Btw..HB sister!


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