Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort – Community Clothing Drive – at Gloucester High School Field House

Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort – Community Clothing Drive  -  at Gloucester High School Field House

A Community Clothing Drive to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy will be held Monday, November 26 through Friday, November 30th at the Gloucester High School Field House.

Hiltz Moving and Storage has generously offered to transport the donations that are generously collected locally to a community in New Jersey.  Hiltz Disposal is also a contributor to our effort.

Items that have been requested are: winter clothing (men’s, women’s and children’s), Socks (all sizes), winter coats, hats, mittens, gloves, winter shoes and boots (all sizes), blankets, disposable diapers, baby wipes, towels (cloth not paper), face cloths, first aid kits, work gloves (heavy duty), flash lights, batteries, sleeping bags and pads, contractor(heavy) trash bags, packing boxes (with flaps so that it can be sealed shut), packing tape, and black magic markers.

The hours of drop off at the Gloucester High School Field House are as follows:

Monday through Friday, from 10 am to 2 pm daily and also 6 pm to 9 pm evenings.

If you can help in any way, by donating, collecting needed items, sorting, packing, or help in any capacity, please contact Jackie Hardy at


  • Hey all,
    Having just filled a 40′ and a 53′ tractor trailers donated by Stop & Shop, and personally delivered to Breezy Point NY this past Tuesday….here are a few things from the list provided to me by the FDNY: work gloves- $1.97 at Home Depot, large -xxl sweatshirts or hoodies – we didn’t take any with NE sports team logos…bleach, as much as you can carry, hoses, 50& 100′ electrical cords,
    small new stuffed animals, feminine products, canned ready to eat – vienna sausages, spam, Franco, baked beans…deviled ham, tuna ready made in pouches -NOTHING THAT NEEDS COOKING!
    We filled 80+ “watermelon” crates (pallets) in 15 man hours. You will need much more truck space than you think you will. We started with a 40 footer and it was almost filled the first day.
    We went through all clothing and removed anything dirty, smelly or torn, and either washed it, or dumped it.
    I don’t know about New Jersey, but for NY, you must have permission from FDNY and be escorted at all times, in disaster areas! These towns are still under a state of emergency, and have a
    proceedure set up for dispensing all materials. You might want to check with the GPD and they can put you touch with the people who will let this happen.

    These people are frantic for help – at Breezy, we saw no FEMA and no Red Cross. The National Guard, FDNY and some police….other than that, people helping people.

    Good luck, safe trip and you’ll want to go back!


  • I saw an article asking that clothing or food not be sent. An image showed piles of unused clothing. It’s a generous thought but they need $ donations to legitimate and trustworthy organizations,
    not clothing. Please research first.


    • Martha,
      Not trying to argue but if you get a list from FDNY who are “boots on the ground”, and in charge of the distribution centers where your donations are to be dropped, you information is current. Media is telling you FEMA and Red Cross are present –
      no sign of them in the Rockaways, and Breezy Point.
      We saw a pile of clothes too……summer clothes in November!


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