• GREAT HISTORIC POST! And with audio/video too, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve been to Connors a few times, and had great service. They did much more for me than the other drug stores, with classic Glosta’ style.


  • From the time I was just around 12 years old I would shine shoes downtown. I would have my rgular stops and one of them was Connor’s Pharmacy ,. which at that time was next to the Waiting Station, which was next to the Tic Toc Donut Shop where my sister Sylvia used to work. The Tic Toc was also a place that our Late City Clerk Fred Kyrouz frequented.
    Connor’s Pharmacy was the greatest , It was clean and I remember how the counter almost glowed with all the silver colored handles of the soda pumps .
    As years went by through the Sands of Time , Connors re-located to the former Andrews Fruit, Andrews Lunchenette. It grew to be the most friendly of all Pharmacies in Gloucester. Austin & John took right after their Dad. He taught them well. I can never forget Austin. It was he that always encouraged me to keep on writing . He even had my books in the store to sell.
    I know he is R.I.P and through the promise we will meet again. To the Connor’s Family , Thanks for the memories.

    Austin Connor’s
    Gloucester’s Legacy02/22/2010

    The winds of change has again taken its toll
    By the loss of this man Gloucester’s own
    Legacy of strength and mentor to many
    With stories of courage and pride to be told
    I can picture him now as he lovingly planted
    The seeds of various flowers
    The many happy times spent in his store
    As he labored with his team for hours
    At this time we can all envision falling tears
    From the many family and friends he embraced
    Knowing Austin he would not want you to be in fear
    For he is meeting his Saving grace
    The tides of time are like the morning wind
    That will wipe the imprints of life away
    In our hearts and minds what he left behind
    Be in our memories to live in our hearts to stay.


  • Cool page. Love the historical photos and people’s recollections. Thanks, Tim, for sharing.

    The building’s been empty for a while so hoping with Savour Wine and Cheese now opening in the old Connors building, it’ll build on the great activity that Alicia Cox has created at Mamie’s Kitchen right behind it and re-energize the corner. And with a renovation of Burnham’s Field in the works just a few yards away, the whole neighborhood is on the upswing. A one-two-three punch of awesome on Upper Pleasant Street.


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