• I was there on November 1st, day after Halloween, and the the decorations were up!


  • We don’t put anything Christmas-like up until AFTER Thanksgiving. And I hold off on the endless Christmas music until Ladies’Night, but always try to mix it up with Celtic, New Age, and a little Reggae. With all the great new shops,I’ll be able to buy all my gifts on Main Street this year, especially on the West End ūüėČ


  • Yesterday while shopping, holiday music was playing in the store. It depressed me.
    First we had to endure months and months of political ads and now hours and hours of Christmas music!!!! Sickening. Makes me want to shop online.


    • It bugs me too. Maybe I’ll get something electronic online, but everything else in Gloucester. Then you get to see it (artwork) , touch it, smell it and taste it (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spreads, or cheese).


  • Oh come on everyone I can understand the politics but don’t be hum bug. look for the child within you and celebrate the holiday not forgetting Baby Jesus’s birthday.


  • I saw fake X-mas trees for sale inside Home Depot BEFORE Halloween.
    What if the World really does END, 4 days before Xmas??


  • So I guess I shouldn’t confess that my home is fully decked out for the Holidays a week before Thanksgiving every year…..and Christmas music is continuously playing throughout too?…this is the best time of year people….preparing well in advance , and checking off major details makes for an enjoyable holiday season with family and friends…


  • Try living in Florida- 80 degree weather with Christmas Decor everywhere- prior to Halloween…it’s going to be a loooooong Season….Merry Christmas


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