Voting, Duh!

Never in my life have I been so undecided on the lesser of two evils. The felt tip marker point went back and forth from Obama to Romney at least 5 times before checking off my final decision.

I wonder how many are just like me, undecided right up til the final second in the booth and I wonder how close of a race compared to every national poll which basically had them split the results will be.

In any case, get out there, VOTE!


Feels good though.

Like Vicky and Peter Said in their post yesterday, if you don’t vote, don’t go bitching afterwards.



  • I agree, when you and I were talking, had the same feeling in the voting booth, hold the pen and try to figure out which one.. a real back and forth election, at least Pat Boone will not be calling me anymore


  • -am stunned that you experienced such a dilemma in the voting booth. .. .especially with two beautiful daughters. .. .
    -I’m totally relieved to see the end of the angry negative expensive ads of our ‘statesmen’ .. .


    • I have no idea why you’re stunned that I have two beautiful daughters


      • oh golly, no no. .. . .very sorry for the confusion. .. . I’m not saying that I’m stunned that you have 2 beautiful daughters — for sure — from what I’ve learned through your blog, I sincerely think that you, your wife, daughters, your mother, father and sister and her family [that’s all I know of your family from the blog] are ALL gracefully handsome and beautiful inside and out! . . . . as well as being hard working and delightfully inquisitive and creative in many ways, including successful cooks, photographers, volunteers and bloggers! And having more talents that I don’t know about!

        I apologize for the miscommunication. This election is tough. Obviously all I know about the D/R platforms is what I learned through the news filters, ads and debates. I, too, struggled with some of the choices on the extensive ballot, too.


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