If you don’t vote you can’t bitch

I LOVE to bitch, so I vote.  I may not like the choices.  But I figure they can’t possibly be identical, so I vote for the one who might be a little better.   No, I’m not always sure.  And sometimes I end up disappointed with my vote.  BUT THEN I GET TO BITCH — because I voted.  Having voted makes bitching so much more fun.  I can say, I can’t believe I voted for that a**hole.  Or I can say, don’t blame me, I voted for the other one.

You’re probably saying, what? … another election ? … already? … really?  Yeah, this one snuck up on us — just came out of nowhere.  In fact, this post is probably the first you’ve heard that there’s an election tomorrow, right?  That’s OK.  Google “presidential election”.  You’ll find a few results (1,160,000,000 as of this writing).  Google also returns about 23 million results for “massachusetts senate race”.  So you’re good to go there — along with the other local races too.  Between now and tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8pm, you should be able find out enough about the candidates and ballot questions to make intelligent choices.

If you live in Gloucester and you’re not sure where to vote, you can get a wicked cool color-coded map of Gloucester polling stations here.

Even cooler than that, if you live in Gloucester, you can go out after you vote, get a drink and reward yourself for making all those difficult choices with some great music — whatever your taste: Billy Novick & Thomas Hebb playing jazz at The Franklin, KMBG – masters of classics, rock, blues, etc. at Jalapenos or Henley Douglas soul at Rhumbline.

Here’s the complete live music listings for Gloucester, so after you’ve chosen whom to vote for, you get to choose where to start your bitching after you cast your ballot.

About Vickie & Peter

Vickie grew up in Iowa. Lived in Silicon Valley & NYC. Peter has lived all over (NJ, NY, CH, IN, CA, MA, etc.) We chose to live and raise our family in Gloucester. Owners of gimmesound.com & Van Ness Group. Producers of gimmeLIVE concerts.
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5 Responses to If you don’t vote you can’t bitch

  1. Joey C says:

    Tremendous post!

    Couldnt have said it better myself!


  3. litterlady says:

    Oh all the trees, so sad. My son is voting finally this year he is 21 almost all of his friends don’t vote maybe just laziness or I don’t know what, he has done his research and is ready. Remember there is a third party to vote for, just vote and then you can bitch….

  4. Shared to my Facebook page. My great-grandmother Anna Black Beers McDonald moved to Washington, DC when she became a widow. She joined the Woman’s Democratic National Club and fought for women’s suffrage until her death at the age of 96-1/2. I would never dishonor her crusade by not voting. I voted early here in Louisiana at a courthouse where they have open terminals with touch screens instead of the traditional machines where you stand behind a curtain. They let my 15-year-old daughter watch me tap my vote on the screen and it was a great experience to be able to share the moment with her. Anyone who doesn’t get out there today has absolutely no right to complain.

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