Angel Reading

 Amy Fleischer of Newburyport (R) at an angel reading conducted by Joy L. Kasmer on Saturday at Bodin Historic Photo.

About Marty Luster

I'm Marty Luster, a retired attorney and politician. In 2010 my wife, mother-in-law, dog and I relocated from Central NY to Gloucester. I hope my photographs and poetry(?) reflect my love for this place and her people. My picture-poem posts can be seen at and selected black and white images can be found at
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One Response to Angel Reading

  1. Thanks for stopping in Marty. We had a good crowd, and everyone who had an Angel Reading loved it. Joy, the Angel Reader, is a really nice and astute person. Amy (in the photo) from Newburyport had a reading, and then her sister and niece had one. Janet is still talking about things that Joy said to her, figuring out stuff from her past. For example, Joy said “I see the name Evette.” No Evette in Janet’s life, but today she recalled that her grandfather’s name was Everette. I didn’t even know that. Cool stuff, and we’ll have her back.

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