• Yes, family is everything and I bet your mom inspires many wonderful traditions in your own family. Anyone who reflects on childhood probably can relate to the sweet video. And yes, when Mom asks, you do it!


  • wonderful..


  • I am glad you do what Mom tell you to do! That was the best video ever about growing up Italian.
    It actually made me cry at the end. What a beautiful story!! I was just talking to my family the other day about how so many traditions have changed or disappeared. I can’t wait to show this to my Mother as soon as she gets her email established on her new Ipad. Boy, times have changed she almost 80 years old and loves her Ipad that she bought with money she won from a scratch ticket.


  • Just as I remember!


  • Thanks Joey love you Mom


  • Very touching to see. Do you think in many ways Gloucester has remained uniquely like the many people and neighborhoods described in the video? I find it so special that in our community many families–grandparents and their next generations and extended family–live so near to each other–sharing holidays and traditions and also everyday events. The family get-togethers may not be as full as they once were, but take it from a medagon (how to spell this word?)–the Italian-American way of celebrating life is a beautiful and splendid thing to share in and to experience.


  • When we were children, we all gathered at my Aunt’s when my grandfather was alive exactly as this video described. It was magic! We just thought everybody lived like we did. And we were Lebanese. It continued for awhile and then slowly we were all very busy and growing up. Miss the hustle and bustle!!


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