Marcy Plante writes-

Thank you for all the support that GMG gave the team this year. The parents
and girls loved opening up GMG and  seeing their pictures.
To wrap up our season, I  thought that I would share the Captains speeches
that they gave at our celebration party. They said it the BEST!
These speeches represent the type of athletes we have in Gloucester, the
team spirit , and culture that was created amongst the girls this year.
It was truly amazing to watch them practice and improve each day.
The dedication and commitment was solid. The coaches are proud of the girls
and thrilled to have been a part of such an accomplishment.


Callie O’Leary writes- 

Team. Team means a group of people linked in a common purpose. We are group
of individuals that support each other.  We all share a love for field
hockey. That is what links us. Throughout the season, we have learned to
play as friends and to play as one. There is no "I" in team. We support each
other. I am very fortunate to be on this field hockey team. It has been an
honor to serve as Captain on the 2012 O’Malley UNDEFEATED Field Hockey team.
I am so proud of what a great team we are. We have stayed strong on the
field and we never backed down. We have remained together throughout the
season. We kicked butt!!!! We stayed undefeated because we played with our
heads in the game and turned it on! I am so proud! Love you guys!!!!!
Callie O’Leary

McKenzie Plante writes-

I am so happy that I got to share my last year of O’Maley field hockey with
this team. I have created new friendships and have learned many life lessons
with in practices games, bus rides and fun times in the locker rooms! I feel
that once are cleats were on and we were playing field-hockey everyone was
friends; we were one big family. In the end, it didn’t matter who scored or
who had the amazing drive or who stopped the ball. What mattered was that we
all walked off the field as a team and that’s what we did.  The bus rides
and locker room experiences who could forget them? "Girl on fire", pizza on
the bus  or when that one reff wouldn’t stop calling things on us, we still
took the win. Best of all of celebration in Boston. I am pretty sure that we
will all recall these memories when we are in high school. Guess what were
undefeated!!!  14-0 We couldn’t of done it without our three coaches. Mom,
Marcy Plante, I can here you from a mile away… I can here you scream  goal
post, then shout in excitement when you hear the boom of the ball slamming
the net. Allison Monell, I always love running off the field, you are always
there to welcome us. Ellen Prescott, you made our defense so strong and your
energy helped us do our best on the field. I am so proud of my team. I’m
proud of all of you girls. I got to have the experience of a life time! We
couldn’t of done it without Jenna and Brie, our crazy defense who would stop
anyone that tried to past and our offence who were GOAL crazy, scoring over
53 goals! Let’s give it up to a team that worked our hardest and earned what
we deserved, a team that never gave up, a team that never went easy, a team
I call my family.
McKenzie Plante

Emma Lamoureux writes-

Girls, what an amazing season. Being an undefeated team was a high goal that
not all teams could have accomplished but this team did. WE have all grown
and learned how to work together not just on the field but as a family.
Everyone put in an amount of effort that was unbelievable and stepped up
when they needed too. Everyone on this team always had the best attitude, no
matter what and was always ready to play . Being a part of this field hockey
team gave me a new family and that is why I will never forget this season.
Emma Lamoureux



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