• Have they found any survivors yet? I heard they were on life boats and had life preserver jackets on. Prayers on the way.


  • am confused about why this vessel is on the high seas at this time? can you fill us in?


  • I hope that in spite of the fact that there are two of the crew still being reported as missing. Details as to whether or not they were in a lifeboat are spotty at best but 14 of the 16 reported crew are in the helicopters headed for the North Carolina mainland. My heart goes out to thise aboard when she was lost and especially to the families of those missing wqho have some travails to endure before they have answerrs. God bless them all. I spent a lot of time aboard her when she was here in her last commercial stop for the season and joked with many of the crew at the time. The loss is a real tragedy for all involved.


  • Prayers granted! Yes,they were very young, maybe college-aged on average. We met some of them when we went on a public tour while Bounty was docked in Newburyport, and we have been following her adventures on facebook. They were so excited and proud of themselves and very, very, enthusiastic; but certainly not seasoned sailors! Hearbreaking, frightening, sad. Keeping them and their parents in my thoughts.


  • so hoping that the two remaining sailors are found, it is a rough time for them


  • God bless HMS Bounty….you were a joy to be seen, as was your crew.


  • Most of the younger crew had left the ship prior to her yard period in Boothbay. Of the 15 crew, several had quite a bit of seatime. One of the missing crew was recovered unconscious and has passed away. Capt. Walbridge is still missing.


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