Multiple Rainbow and Sundogs Over Gloucester Photo From Caroline Haines

Hi Joey
I wanted to share the spectacular and unusual multiple rainbow phenomenon that was a harbinger of Hurricane Sandy late this afternoon over Gloucester Crossing.
There were three rainbows and two sundogs for a total of five! The rainbows were not parallel, but arced at different angles-it was like nothing I have ever seen in my sixty three years.
Caroline Haines



  • Caroline – thanks for your photo and posting. My kids and I couldn’t believe yesterday’s bizarre double convex rainbows, from our East Gloucester yard’s vantage, that lasted a good long time. We could not find anything on the Internet that was close. Don’t know if it was the clouds, or the oncoming storm.


  • I too saw the rainbows. I could not figure out how one of the rainbows was arcing away from the sun. Really bizarre. Can anyone explain this?


  • I got some pictures of it over Niles Beach if you want me to share! Unbelievable!


  • I saw 4 rainbows arcing in different directions over Bearskin Neck. Is it a sign of the end of the World? What is a sundog?


  • Beautiful Caroline. Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve never seen anything like that ever.


  • I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I too saw these rainbows on 10/28/2012 at 3p.m. I have never seen anything like this and brought everyone from the breakroom at work outside to see it. Simply phenomenal!


    • Forgive me…the correct date was 10/30/2012…the day before halloween in Birmingham, AL. Strange ..seems like you caught the entrance of some sort of rainbow gateway and over here we caught the exit..very interesting..2 days apart.


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