Worst Nightmare Becomes Reality – Gloucester Turns Into Martha’s Vineyard

Gloucester is such a beautiful, unique and special place in its own right.  Why does it have to become Martha’s Vineyard?  Madfish Grille becomes The Black Dog and Paul George’s Gallery (old Alma’s Arts & Antiques) becomes a dry cleaner. 

E.J. Lefavour



  • Is this really true or are those photo-shopped? I can’t believe it! Oh, the humanity. 😦


  • No, real, sad but true. When I first saw The Black Dog sign, I thought Madfish had changed its name, then I saw the dry cleaners window. I mean its great to have movies being filmed in Gloucester, don’t get me wrong, but if they wanted Martha’s Vineyard, why didn’t they go film there, instead of trying to make Gloucester turn into Martha’s Vineyard. Just saying… why couldn’t they just let it be Gloucester – what aren’t we beautiful, cool, historic, artsy, gritty and real enough?


    • Oh, I see…it’s being done for the movie. Phew!! Well, I definitely see your point and agree, though I am also happy to see filming in Gloucester, I guess that’s just the way the biz is.


  • I can’t believe this, it’s horrible!!! The oldest artist community in the country now has a Dry Cleaner in one of it’s art galleries? What can we do? Will this dry cleaner be opened all year long? Not to be an alarmist but seriously this could be the beginning of the end of Rocky Neck Art Colony as we know and love it.


    • Mary, look at the name of the drycleaner. It is not a real drycleaner, but a movie set – a movie set that turns Gloucester, and more specifically here, the historic Rocky Neck Art Colony, into Vineyard Haven. I was being tongue in cheek, but at the same time find it a little grating that they are filming here but not identifying it as Gloucester.


      • Well that’s a relief. That’s what I get for being hasty and very reactive I guess. Thanks EJ but of course I still see your point.


  • Earlier this week ‘they’ were filming in Dock Square/Rockport and changed things, too. . . Hope the towns/cities get a benefit, as the moviemakers and stars sure make out well. I think The Proposal did bring some new visitors but I agree, Rocky Neck is an authentic ‘gem’!


  • I saw on the little cars, MV, for Martha’s Vineyard, at least the crew is visiting shops, restaurants and enjoying our beautiful city


  • That is just so wrong!!!!


  • Lighten up! Remember when Bearskin Neck was Sitka AK? It survived and RN will too!


  • It’s just Hollyweird magic. Maybe some locals could make a Glosta version of Avatar.
    Where aliens come for our fishsticks. And one of them falls in love with the Mayor or a fisherman.
    Wasn’t there a TV show about Glosta? Didn’t last very long. The bar was called Pelican.


  • Be careful what you post. Remember Orson Well’s War of the Worlds broadcast?


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