Mari Martin to join The Dave Sag’s Blues party this Thursday night @ The Rhumb Line

Dave says, I’ve got a treat for ya this week. A new singer (for me anyway) in the form of a classical sireeen. I’m talking’ bout Ms. Mari Martin. Not to be confused with she who’s gonna wash that man right outa her hair. Or some androgynous weenie flying around in a green suit. This is the real deal. She is truly a vocal blunderbuss and will knock you out. This gal was rescued from a life of gargling with razor blades in a piano bar by none other than Marque Earley, who promptly sent her to me. Let’s see what we can do. In keeping with this program I have assembled a tight crackpot unit to back her up. We have Marque Earley on tenor and baritone kazoo and saxophone, Mr. Jon Cameron, on his organ again, Mr. Bob Enik, the spackler, on guitar, who knows how to fill in the cracks, and me, on base bringing up the rear. We’re all really looking forward to this and hope you’ll all come out and cheer for the local girl! We’re nothing without you!

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