GMG Readers Poll- What Would You Like To See Fill The Space Vacated By Five Guys?

If those of you who have Facebook or Twitter or Google+ could share this I’d love to see a really large number of votes to get a true picture of what most people want, Thanks. (You can share it by clicking the little icons below the post)

Holy Canoli Batman there were a lot of responses to this.  Some which I think are completely ridiculous due to the space available where Five Guys was located up at Gloucester Crossing.

Anyway here are your options, vote away!


  • Joey I voted for Michaels Craft Store only because I think Felicia’s Kitchen would be wonderful on Main Street.


  • I agree with Kim that Main St. is a much better spot for Sista Felicia’s Kitchen. People go to Gloucester Crossing to shop at Market Basket (or sometimes Marshalls) — often with their kids. As somebody pointed out, the likelihood of anybody going into Five Guys was in inverse proportion to the number of children in tow. Besides, it’s the wrong location for a restaurant — you just filled your shopping cart with food, so now you’re gonna go out to eat? Not likely.


  • Ann Marie Oliveira

    Having 2 kids (ages 2 & 4) I think that Gloucester is in DESPERATE need of somewhat of a kid friendly restaurant.. I don’t see it on the list but I think a 99 would be PERFECT for this town and that space (if it would fit). Is the 99 my absolute favorite place? No.. Do I love the food there? No.. But.. I think it has everything we as a town needs. It has a pretty good menu – good apps. salads, burgers, entrees, etc. The food is not 5-Star, but it’s decent, fresh and consistant. It offers a great bar to be able to go and sit at and watch a game. It offers a quick lunch for those that only have 1 hour. It offers a family friendly atomosphere for those looking for that as well. I know a lot of people do not want a chain restaurant, but I think the 99 would bring a lot to this town, weather it be in Gloucester Crossing or somewhere else. Just my 2 cents… :o)


  • I would love to see a frozen yogurt place. Maybe Pinkberry or Cafe Bishco can open up a frozen yogurt place.


  • It’s not a restaurant, and the space may be too small, but I’d love to see a Staples.


  • I want a Starbucks!


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