Flutter From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

On a recent trip to Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield, I was followed by a couple of chickadees that would fly very close to me as I walked along the trail.  On a whim, I stopped and stretched out my arm with the finger extended and they would actually land on my finger and quickly fly away!  I tried to get numerous shots but found it hard to manage the camera while the bird was standing on my finger. I snapped this at the moment that one fluttered away.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid



  • How cool is that?!


  • That is so cool Bill. Cats and dogs – they’re easy. But to get a bird, especially a wild one, to interact with you is something really special. I’ love to hear from other bird lovers/owners about this.


  • Hi Bill,

    I went there myself not to long ago and got a couple of great shots. I stood still what seemed like forever. Nuthatches, Chickadees and Tufted Titmouse’s. here is one picture.and a link to the rest of the trip.






  • Next time you go, put a few sunflower seeds in the palm of your hand and wait. They’ll land on your fingers and eat. The key is to HOLD VERY STILL.


  • Chickadees in particular are very bold and fearless, especially if you have sunflower seeds. When I lived in Newbury, chickadees would sit in the tree outside my kitchen door in the morning and scold until I came out with seed, then they would fly right to my outstretched hand for the sunflower seeds. In those days I did alot of bird feeding and would buy seed in 50 lb bags and an extra 5 lbs of sunflower seeds to add in.
    I’ve experienced the same thing at woodland parks and sanctuaries where birds are accustomed to seeing and being fed by humans.
    Great shot bill, and Joanne your photos are wonderful, especially the rock formations and the wise old looking frog on the rock.


  • I wanted to follow up on that post by Bill O’Connor. The Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary is an outstanding place to walk and check out the wildlife. As Joanne showed in her photos, the birds are more than willing to land on your hands, especially if your palms are full of seeds.

    Check out more pics at:


    Bob Murphy


  • How beautiful this is! Love the little chickadees!


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