About 85 Rubber Ducks long: NSFL (this post may not be safe for viewing while eating lunch.)

The Finback is about 85 Rubber Ducks long.

Homie and half a dozen of his pals were working on this piece. Maybe some jaw with baleen attached.Only a guess that there might be 5 or 6 tons of whale. In a few weeks it might be dangerous to be downhill of the body because when she pops there may be quite a landslide of whale innards. Also why I am not saying exactly where it is. It’s cute and all but better left to the winter storms. Another unit of measure is on a scale of one to ten, what does Homie think of it? Ten being potato chips and one being an old sock. Right now Homie thinks it only rates a 3 right up there with a dried three week old fish rack. That number might even drop once she really starts ripening. The blow hole flies might not lay eggs since we are past frost but there are a few smaller type flies interested.

My advice is to find it in the spring when there will be a cool set of whale bones that no one can touch because that is illegal or else a winter storm or three will send her on her way to Nova Scotia.

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